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When a Pergola Needs a Helping Hand to Deliver Shade and Comfort

Love outdoor living? Have a pergola, and love it? Okay, almost love it? Maybe it gets a little too hot or bright riiiiight when you want to use it? Oasis Patio Shades can help you fall back in love with your covered patio. Pergolas are HOT in exterior design today, and why not? They are gorgeous, help to define a space, and add architectural interest and detail. There’s no denying that they can vastly improve…read the full post

6 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Patio this Spring

By: Natalie Pease for Insolroll Yes, it is finally that time of year again. Spring cleaning time! Whether you are like us in Colorado, just now starting to see the temperature rise or you live in a place that has nice weather all year ’round, there is no better way to kick-start summer than spring cleaning! Here are a few tips to help you get your patio ready for the summer! CLEAN! – There is something…read the full post

Oasis® 2700: Patio Shade OR Exterior Window Shade… Which is it?

Insolroll’s Oasis® 2700 can inspire some questions… Is it a patio shade or an exterior window shade? The answer is simple- it’s both! This versatile outdoor solar shade has dual applications, which makes perfects sense when you consider the features, and that form follows function. Like every Oasis® shade product, it’s not JUST about function- it looks great, too! Oasis® 2700 Basics: Block the Sun, Not the View! Protection from heat, glare, and golf balls Keep the view…read the full post

Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades: Happy Birthday to Insolroll’s Original Patio Shade!

We’ll be back next week with Oasis 2700… this week, Oasis 2800 is celebrating its birthday! In 1986, Insolroll developed our first patio solar shade, which ultimately came to be branded the Oasis® 2800 Patio Shade. Apart from enhancements to the basic system, Oasis 2800 remains much the same today, and there’s good reason for that. We did it right the first time. Top shelf fabrics, hefty hardware, and a choice of guide systems and…read the full post

Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shades: Added Function in our Manual Patio Shade

Hallelujah! That’s what many of our dealers are saying this spring with our introduction of the Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shade. We’ve heard the requests for quite awhile now, and this patio season we’re introducing our new member in the Oasis® family! Oasis® 2650 was designed to be a step up from our 2600 Patio Shade. It’s a manual, clutch operated patio shade for openings up to 12 feet wide. Like the 2600, its solar screen…read the full post

Oasis® 2600 Patio Sun Shades : Bigger Value Than a Ready Made Shade

It’s pretty easy to go out and find a ready made patio shade. Chances are, if you do, you’ll need to do it again in a couple of years, due to degraded, frayed fabric, failed hardware or damage due to the elements. And, it probably won’t fit your patio opening just right- it will likely not cover the whole thing, or overlap with the patio structure or another shade. Insolroll’s economical, manually operated Oasis® 2600 Patio…read the full post

Oasis® Patio Shades : We Build a Better Shade, From Start to Finish!

  In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking more and more about patio shades, and each of the 5 Oasis® Patio Roller Shades models.  Why Oasis® patio shades? When it comes to our Oasis® line of patio shades, we at Insolroll  have a history of quality, innovation and longevity. We’ve developed 5 distinct patio shade models, to cover every type of application beautifully, with design features, functionality, and quality of materials and manufacture that are…read the full post

Oasis® Patio Shades by Insolroll at the International Builder’s Show 2014

Insolroll exhibited at the 2014 International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas last week. Our booth featured Oasis Patio Shades products and the interest from the homebuilder’s community was exceptional. The Show attracted over 75,000 attendees and speaks volumes about the renewed vitality of the US residential construction market. According to Earl Cornelius, our sales staff had a great time talking with dealers and industry professionals. “It was clear from our hundreds of conversations with the homebuilders…read the full post