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Commercial Solar Screen Shades

Insolroll Commercial Solar Shades

Solar window shades provide glare control and light management

Insolroll® Solar Screen Shades allow as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare, and maintaining the user connection to the outside world. Insolroll offers a wide range of solar screen fabric and hardware choices to provide the perfect solution for any office, school, healthcare, retail or restaurant application.

Southern exposure solar shades ice cream shop

Sun Control

Solar screen fabric blocks glare, lowers cooling costs, and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays that damage interiors.

  • Increased comfort for workers and patrons
  • Lower interior heat gain and cooling load
  • Decrease fading and cracking from UV degradation
  • Protect valuable merchandise
  • Eliminate glare on computer screens

solar window shades provide glare controlDaylighting

Solar screen fabric allows natural light to enter a space, decreasing the need for artificial lighting and increasing occupants’ sense of well-being. Daylighting increases the energy efficiency of a commercial building, as well as worker satisfaction.

Insolroll commercial solar shades office with a viewMaintain the View

Preserving the view and connection to the outdoors makes a space feel larger, and increases worker satisfaction. “Wellness Architecture” focuses on connection to the outside world, nature, sky and surroundings, giving office employees, students, and diners a chance to refresh and recharge, and Insolroll Solar Shades can play a large role in this area of design.

Commercial aesthetics

A beautiful and practical choice, solar screens provide a sleek, clean lined aesthetic in restaurants, retail stores, health care facilities, schools, hotels, and anywhere groups of people will be working, learning or playing. Many of our fabric choices are very easy to keep clean, and all of them are durable enough to withstand daily use in a public or workplace environment.

How to Select the Right Solar Screen Fabric

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Commercial solar shade fabric collection

Insolroll carries a complete line of commercial solar screen fabrics with the function and properties commercial projects demand.

Insolroll commercial solar shades conference room glare controlCommercial Fabric Properties

Insolroll commercial fabrics feature FR, anti-fungal, and environmental properties your application requires. The individual properties of each fabric are listed on our sample cards and in our Technical Specifications, and include:

  • Flame Retardant
  • Anti-Fungal/Anti-Microbial
  • Environmental Content and Air Quality

Insolroll Hospital window shadesSpecialty Contract Fabrics

A selection of commercial fabrics that set the standard for commercial buildings, including solar screen, sheer, translucent and blackout fabrics. 

  • Sustainable materials
  • Energy Efficiency
  • FR Hospitality Sheer Fabrics

High performance solar shade fabric collection

High performance solar screen fabrics have been engineered to provide the highest visual and thermal performance available regardless of color. Both light and dark colors provide excellent glare control, heat control and view-through.

SilverScreen Performance chartSilverScreen

SilverScreen metallized solar screen fabric has a highly reflective, fine layer of aluminum vacuum-formed to a PVC-coated fiberglass solar screen fabric (5% +/- openness). It provides excellent view through and excellent heat and glare reduction in all colors.

The Silver Sweet Spot

Typical solar screen fabrics can provide effective glare control with dark colors, or energy efficiency with light colors, but not both.

SilverScreen provides energy efficiency (low Shading Coefficient) AND effective glare control (low Visible Light Transmission), regardless of color.

Mermet KOOLBLACK fabricKoolBlack® Technology

Enhances the energy reflectivity of dark colored yarns by increasing their Near Infrared Reflection (NIR). Dark colored common screen fabric provides excellent view-through and glare control, but it also absorbs the heat energy from the near infrared wavelength. A dark fabric with KoolBlack™ Technology allows more solar heat to be reflected, and both the fabric and the room stay cooler, making its energy efficiency comparable to light colored fabrics.


EScreen with KOOLBLACK allows a uniform exterior appearance
Left side: white blinds at various levels. Right side: E Screen with KOOLBLACK® Technology at multiple levels.

E-Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology

Exceptional glare control, comfortable view-through and elegant streetside aesthetics while
reducing heat. Pairs with matching colors in
 our Equinox fabric for windows with less sun exposure to provide cost savings in many projects

Building with Shades of GreenInsolroll® Shades of Green logo

All of Insolroll’s Solar Screen Shades conserve energy, by decreasing cooling costs and allowing passive solar practice as well as allowing maximum use of natural daylight in a building to decrease the need for artificial lighting. This makes them an inherently green choice. A number of our solar screen fabrics are also green in terms of their material content; we have GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified fabric choices, PVC-Free fabric choices, Cradle to Cradle Bronze Certified fabric, and fabric that is both recyclable and made from recycled content.

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Commercial Motorized Shades


Let Insolroll help you set up the perfect control scenario for the specific needs of your commercial application. We have solutions for the unique needs of restaurants, retail, health care, schools and hospitality.

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Solar window shades for LEED® distinction

Insolroll commercial solar shades office

Insolroll® Solar Shades are aligned with the philosophical principals held by today’s architects and designers. Our High Performance Solar Shades were chosen by the Slater Paull Architecture Firm, a LEED® Platinum certified building in Denver, Colorado. Designed with ample daylighting in order to reduce energy costs and allow a close connection with the outdoor environment, this application showcases the benefits of solar screen shades.

LEED® New Construction & Schools

LEED® Commercial Interiors