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Retail Store Window Shades


Solar Screen Shades are a preferred window treatment in commercial retail applications, providing both protective functionality and enhancement of the shopping environment.

Enhancing a retail environment with solar shades

Solar Screen Shades are a preferred interior window treatment in commercial retail locations.

Insolroll commercial solar shades grocery store

  • Reduce glare
  • Preserve the view
  • Reduce cooling/energy costs
  • Decrease glare and discomfort of workers
  • Reduce clerk inaccuracy by eliminating glare on point of sale screens near windows.
  • Customer comfort
  • Allow natural daylight into the space, reducing need for artificial lighting
  • Dark colored fabrics control glare most efficiently and allow the best view-through.

Solar screen window treatments provide UV protection for merchandise

Insolroll commercial solar shades retail store protect merchandiseProtect valuable merchandise from sun and still maintain an open environment.

Solar shades allow more light to flow through into the store, making merchandise more attractive and easier for customers to view.  Using natural lighting as a daylighting strategy will conserve energy by saving on the amount of artificial lighting needed to light a store.

  • Protect valuable inventory from fading
  • Protect carpet and other furnishings
  • Insolroll® Solar Screen window treatments can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from entering the store space, while still allowing a view through the windows, depending on the density of the fabric chosen.

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Insolroll commercial solar shades retail tire storeNational Accounts Service for retail location window treatments

Insolroll offers National Accounts Window Treatments Service for any location in the United States & Canada.

Our “One Call Program” makes window treatments for franchises and multiple locations trouble-free.

Learn more about our National Accounts Window Treatments Service

Window treatments as storefront signage

printed shades for merchandising

Insolroll provides digital printing service on solar screen and blackout roller shades. Printed shades command attention, conveying important information about the business, or portraying lifestyle or product images that draw customers inside.

Digital Printing on Solar Screen Shades



Sustainability and Green BuildingInsolroll Shades of Green Logo

Insolroll roller shades offer sustainable options for your project:

  • Improved energy performance
  • Sustainable Fabrics with recycled and recyclable content
  • LEED NC (New Construction), CS (Core and Shell), and CI (Commercial Interiors) Credits
  • Environmental Certifications/Standards (most fabrics have multiple certifications; see all commercial fabrics for complete technical data and certifications.

Learn more about these topics and Insolroll’s Building in Shades of Green Program.