Hotel Window Shades


The hospitality industry has a unique set of needs for both the private and common areas they maintain. We’ve got functional, beautiful solutions for every one, addressing glare control, privacy and comfort for both guests and workers.

Solar shades for daytime privacyInsolroll Hotel Shades

When guests are in their rooms, they want to allow in light, and a view if there is one, without being seen from the outside. Solar Screen Shades are the clean, updated version of sheer draperies, providing privacy on the darker side of the treatment- in this case, the room interior. Light enters the room in a controlled fashion, but heat and glare are controlled and the guest can still see outside. In locations where a view is undesirable, translucent fabrics allow light filtering and management, but eliminate view-through.

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Night-time privacy and room darkening shades

Every hotel room needs room darkening capacity, as well as night time privacy with zero view-through. Insolroll Blackout Shades provide complete privacy, whether day or night. For guests wishing to sleep during daylight hours, Blackout Shades stop all light from passing through the fabric. In cases where complete darkness is desired, Insolroll’s Audio-visual accessories are available to block light from entering at the sides and bottom of the shade.

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Sheer roller shades provide an updated alternative for drapery sheers

Insolroll provides a selection of sheer roller fabrics that meet national hotel chain specifications.

Dual Shades hotel guest room
Dual Shade with translucent fabric (seen lower) and blackout fabric (seen higher)

Dual shades for dual functionality in hospitality window treatments

Dual Shades from Insolroll® address the needs of fine hotel rooms, allowing two types of fabric on separate rollers in the same window treatment. Blackout fabric plus solar screen equals ultimate sun and view-through control.

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Solar shades for hotel common areas

Insolroll commercial solar shades hotel gymLarge windows are part of nearly every hotel’s design, but can allow large open spaces to be too hot and too bright for comfort.

  • Control glare in lobbies and lounge areas
  • Reduce glare on computer screens in use by front desk employees
  • Control heat gain and cut cooling costs in large, vaulted lobbies and west-facing walls of windows but maintain the light, airy feeling
  • Operation of common area window shades with the touch of a button by front of house staff behind a desk.
  • Make lounge areas comfortable for waiting guests and those using computer screens

Custom control scenarios for efficiency and luxury in hospitality window shades

Hotel Suite dual roller shades

ADAThe requirements of hospitality industry window treatment control are diverse. From hotels to theme parks, unique service and circumstances result in unique needs for control. Large facilities benefit financially by maximizing energy efficiency of window treatments via automatic and sensor-driven controls.

ADA compliance

Motorized window treatments controlled by wall switch or remote control provide the easiest, safest control options for hotel guests with disabilities, far exceeding any accommodations that can be made to manually controlled shades:

  • [ADA Stds. 9.2.2(5); 4.27.4]  Easy to operate controls that do not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist
  • [ADA Stds. 9.2.2(5); 4.27.3]  Window shade controls easily placed within 54″ of the floor for side approach or 48″ of the floor for forward approach
  • [28 CFR 36.304(b)(4)]  Approachable and easily controlled window treatments for guests who use wheelchairs, crutches and other mobility aids.

Luxury guest rooms

Somfy Situo 1

  • Individual guest room remote control
  • “Scene” setting in luxury hotels (“Morning” setting button, “Privacy” setting button, etc.)
  • Connect control to room keycards to keep shades closed when room is unoccupied

Ballrooms, meeting rooms and common areas

  • Front-of-house zone controls for common areas, restaurants and bars
  • Timer control for times of day, seasons, etc.
  • Building automation controls
  • Facilities Management integration and controls
  • Facilities controls for Ballrooms

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We understand that hotels and other hospitality facilities have specific safety needs for window treatments. Insolroll has options in the areas of:

Insolroll Hotel window shade safety

• Safety in operation

  • Motorized Operation, UL Listed Systems
  • Cordless Manual Operation
  • Single Pull Cord Operation
  • Child-safe Continuous Bead chain pull shades 

• Fire-rated fabrics


Insolroll® offers a wide selection of commercial fabrics that meet numerous Fire Retardant Certification standards, including California Title 19 and NFPA-701-2004, among others. These fabrics have been thoroughly tested and found to meet or exceed these stringent standards.

• Environmental standards



  • Anti-Microbial
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Material Content

Commercial Fire Rated Hospitality Sheer Fabrics

Elegant commercial fabrics for filtered light and daytime privacy.


Sheer Fabrics Insolroll® Architectural Shades For Interior use

Harbor sheer fabric is airy and light, with a delicate weave pattern and subtle texture. It diffuses light and softens the view to the outside while adding daytime privacy to the interior. 4 sophisticated neutral colors bring refined elegance to the window.

Pure White
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)

Simple Whites Sheer Fabrics

Sheer Fabrics Insolroll® Architectural Shades For Interior use

Classic sheer fabrics that offer a softened view-through and subtle texture, Insolroll Simple Whites Sheer Fabrics enhance daytime privacy in residential, commercial, and hospitality applications. For a tailored, finished look alone, partnered with a complimentary fabric in a dual shade, or paired with draperies, these fabrics bring simple elegance to any window.

Umbra White
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Sheer Fabrics Insolroll Elements® Decorative Shades For Interior use

Light-filtering sheer fabric with softened view-through. Whisper has a lightly slubbed texture that is smooth to the touch.


Sustainability and Green BuildingInsolroll Shades of Green Logo

Insolroll roller shades offer sustainable options for your project:

  • Improved energy performance
  • Sustainable Fabrics with recycled and recyclable content
  • LEED NC (New Construction), CS (Core and Shell), and CI (Commercial Interiors) Credits
  • Environmental Certifications/Standards (most fabrics have multiple certifications; see all commercial fabrics for complete technical data and certifications.

Learn more about these topics and Insolroll’s Building in Shades of Green Program.