Motorized Window Shades

Motorization of window shades has never been easier. Simplified wiring and wireless motor solutions have allowed motorization to improve building energy efficiency, control glare, and offer total light control on more projects.

Motorized window shades by Insolroll

Window shade motorization is no longer just the future of window treatments–it is the now. Motorized shades bring the efficiency, safety, convenience and personalization to window treatment control so important to today’s living. Insolroll manufactures:

  • Motorized Solar Shades
  • Motorized Blackout Shades
  • Motorized Dual Shades
  • Motorized Decorative Shades
  • Motorized Patio Shades
  • Motorized Retractable Insect Screens
  • Motorized Exterior Window Shades

Solar Screen Shades great room with view

Oversized and out-of-reach shades

Large window shades may be too heavy to operate manually. High windows may be out-of-reach, making it impossible to operate them manually. Motorization solves these practical problems by allowing operation of large and high window shades with the touch of a button or the tap of a finger on a screen.

Lifestyle-enhancing control options and trouble-free operation

Insolroll motorized window shades are available with a wide range of control options, from the simple to the sublime! Control your shades with a smart phone or tablet, a voice control system like Amazon’s Alexa, or integrated with a complete home automation system. Set schedules for operation, create on-demand “scenes” for special or daily activities, or even operate your shades when you are away from home.

Motorized window shades eliminate dangling cords and allow the property owner to manage how the shades are operated. Many applications like schools or restaurants have many users who don’t necessarily know how to operate a shade that result in long-term maintenance issues.

Insolroll Motorized Solar Screen Shades Cafeteria

Convenient operation of larger window shade projects

On larger projects with 20 or more window shades that must be opened and closed daily to effectively control light and privacy, manual operation can take too much time. Motorized window shades allow shades to be operated conveniently individually or in groups by the press of a button or automatic timer or sensor.

Convenient operation and automation of motorized shades ensures that they will be used more often to solve sun and lighting control problems. Motorized shades can be programmed to operate automatically as needed and in groups to create a uniform appearance.

High tech shades for your home or business

Shades need motors to lift them, and control systems to allow the user to operate them. Technology for both has advanced rapidly, and Insolroll offers the best of each to meet every application and control need.

Shade motor types & technology

Insolroll offers several different motor types to meet every project need. Our complete selection of 110 V AC motors, 24 V DC motors, and Battery motors provides a solution for every new construction pre-wire and retrofit application.

Hard-wired motors for new construction
Battery motors for retrofit applications

Motorized window shade control and performance options:

Shade control is not only accomplished by wall switches and remote control transmitters, shades are now switched by smart phones, iPads, voice control, and sophisticated lighting and building management systems.

Somfy TaHoma app 3 Insolroll motorized shades

Motorized shade control devices

Insolroll makes window shade motorization easy and efficient. Shades can be controlled by simple wall switches, hand-held transmitters and automatic sensors. Wi-Fi networks can be used to control shades with a variety of home electronics products including smart phones, voice control “assistants”, universal remotes, tablet and lap-top computers.

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Home automation & lighting control integration

All Insolroll® Motorized Window Shades can be switched by third party home automation and lighting controls. Insolroll offers interface solutions for all brands of home automation and building controls.  Motorized shades can be programmed to provide lighting control in a home automatically for the desired ambience at different times of the day.

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solar shades and solar energy

Motorized shades for optimized energy efficiency

Window shades improve the energy efficiency and comfort of any space, however the amount of improvement is dependent upon opening and closing the shades at the right times.

Improved energy efficiency with simple controls

Handheld remotes and wireless wall switches can make it much easier to open and close shades at the right times to help keep sun out or allow passive warming during colder months. The user still needs to be present to press the button at the right time, and also to pay close attention to the interior temperature and amount of light and heat coming into the room from the window.

Somfy TaHoma app 2 Insolroll motorized shades

Next-level energy efficiency with app-based control of motorized shades

Today’s technology allows much greater personalization and automation of motorized shade control. Hub device options, such as Somfy’s TaHoma®, turn Wi-Fi signals into radio signals, allowing app-based shade control via a mobile device. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, including:

  • Voice control through integration with a supported voice assistant device/platform like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Creating personalized schedules to open and close shades based on day of the week, time of day, and even the sun’s position in the sky. During summer, closing shades on the western side of the house automatically 4 hours before the sun goes down can reduce heat gain and cooling load significantly.
  • Control shades when you are not at home, by schedule or on-demand. Forgot to raise your patio shades before you left home? Simply raise them remotely from wherever you are if a storm comes up.

large home with home automation

Ultimate motorized shade control integrated with your home’s other systems

Through integration with a 3rd party home automation system, your shades can act in concert with your home’s other systems, such as lighting, climate control and weather to fully optimize your home or business’ energy efficiency.

  • Shades can respond to commands from temperature and light sensors, automatically opening or closing shades for energy efficiency and to protect interior finishes and furnishings.
  • Shades can work together with lighting control to take advantage of daylighting and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

quiet mtor systems

Somfy quiet motorized shade systems

Shade motors are quieter than ever. Our IQM motor series (Insolroll Quiet Motor) features very low motor noise, and for applications that call for near silence, our Ultra Quiet Motors with Ultra Quiet idlers operate in virtual silence. Quiet and Ultra Quiet motors are ideal for bedrooms and residential home automation projects as well as commercial applications where quiet is needed or desired.

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child at window

Window shade safety

Motorized operation is the safest for children and pets

Motorized roller shades have no cords that could present a safety/strangulation hazard. Period. If children or pets are present, motorization is the gold standard for safe window shade operation.

UL-Listed motorized window shades

Insolroll Window Shading Systems is an industry pioneer in motorized shade safety, and in 2014 set the bar for UL-Listing designation for our complete motorized shade systems. Where others may have UL-Recognized components, Insolroll offers complete motorized shade systems in which all of the components together have UL-Listed designation.


The designation “UL Listed” certifies that the final assembled shade product meets rigorous electrical safety standards and the complete system has been approved by the UnderWriters Laboratory.

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