environmentally friendly shades

Building in Shades of Green

The “Green Building” movement aims to improve occupant well being, environmental performance, sustainability and economic returns of residential and commercial buildings.

The contribution of Insolroll® Interior Solar Screen and Audio-Visual Shades to “Green Building” projects and as requirement reference items in the Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system is evaluated based on:

Performance Considerations

Environmentally-freindly office solutions

Building designs featuring large window areas maximize the availability of natural light and create pleasant, productive work and study environments. The introduction of natural light also decreases the need for fluorescent lighting and invites solar heat gain to assist with winter heating.

SilverScreen metalized fabric

SilverScreen metallized fabric

Solar Screen Shades control glare and assist in balancing the heat gain/heat loss to optimize occupant comfort and energy efficiency.  Insolroll’s SilverScreen Fabric features a fine layer of aluminum vacuum-formed to the window side of a high quality woven shade fabric. SilverScreen is superior to all other shading fabric solutions in its ability to reduce heat and glare while maintaining excellent view and connectivity to the outside world.

Learn more about SilverScreen and EnviroScreen

Material Content Considerations

Specifiers consider the material content of interior furnishings regarding their impact on indoor air quality and sustainability.

Solar screen fabrics featuring vinyl-coated polyester or fiberglass yarns continue to be dominant in the market. They are time proven, provide excellent shading performance and are recognized for being durable and washable.

gg-logo-grn1Concerns regarding the negative impact of PVC emissions on indoor air quality have been alleviated by the GreenGuard Certification that ensures the highest industry standards are being applied to maintain indoor air quality for the health and safety of building occupants.

For projects demanding PVC-Free shading fabrics, Insolroll provides a variety of solar screen, opaque and decorative options.

For applications in which recycling is a point of emphasis, Insolroll® offers a selection of fabrics that are 100% recyclable.