Insolroll’s Best in Class Battery-powered Motorized Shade Systems

No cords. No electrician. No wiring. Just smart wire-free shades to fit your lifestyle or work environment.


Battery Powered Motorized Shades

Somfy Lithium-ion battery motors

Why battery motors?

  • Enjoy motorized shades without additional wiring
  • Perfect for existing homes and businesses
  • Solution for narrower and wider windows
  • Easy control via smart phone, tablet, handheld remote, wireless wall switch or integrated with smart-home automation system

Engineered for quiet performance and durability, Insolroll’s 5 battery motors by Somfy provide solutions for every application. 

Quiet RTS motors with internal rechargeable Li-ion battery: Insolroll’s premiere battery motor selection

We’ve made recent motor and hardware additions to expand our size range and offer more consistent Ultra-quiet noise level on larger projects with a wider variety of sizes.

Somfy embedded Li-ion battery motor systems

  • No battery wand to conceal
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery built into the shade roller
  • Full charge lasts approximately one year (based on once-daily up-down, down-up cycle)
  • Quiet hardware to further reduce mechanical noise
  • Available with Exposed Roller, Fascia, Cassette, or 6″ Valance
  • Compatible with all Somfy RTS controls

NEW BAT-L3 Somfy Quiet 12V Embedded Li-ion Battery Radio Motor

  • Operates at approximately 44 decibels or less, about the same sound level as the hum of a refrigerator
  • 3.0 Newton Meter motor for the highest lifting capacity
  • Larger roller tube sizes and standard Insolroll brackets
  • Sizes up to 168″ wide OR 168″ high
  • Compatible with 4” Fascia, and 6” Valance

BAT-L2 battery shade motor close up on motor head 2

BAT-L2 Somfy Quiet 12V Embedded Li-ion Battery Radio Motor

  • Operates at approximately 44 decibels or less, about the same sound level as the hum of a refrigerator
  • 2.0 Newton Meter motor for greater lifting capacity
  • Small 1 1/2″ and 2″ roller tubes for lower visual impact at the top of the window
  • Sizes up to 120″ wide OR 120″ high
  • Compatible with 3″ and 4″ Fascia, 3″ and 4″ Cassette, or 6″ Valance

BAT-L1 Somfy 12V Embedded Li-ion Battery Radio Motor

BAT-L1 battery powered shade motor

    • Value-priced for smaller applications
    • Operates at approximately 49 decibels or less, about the same sound level as moderate rain
    • Quiet hardware to further reduce mechanical noise
    • 1.1 Newton Meter motor
    • Narrower widths available- from 25 3/4″
    • Smaller 1 1/2″ roller for lower visual impact at the top of the window
    • Sizes up to 96″ wide OR 96″ high
    • Compatible with 3″ Fascia, 4″ Fascia, 3″ Cassette, 4″ Cassette, or 6″ Valance

Insolroll external battery motor systems

Insolroll BAT-X1 External Li-ion Battery Shade Motor

Quiet RTS motors with external rechargeable Li-ion battery wands

External battery motors allow narrower shade widths, and quick battery replacement for hospitality and other applications.

Insolroll BAT-RR-28LED motorized shade motor

BAT-X1 Somfy Quiet 12V External Battery Radio Motor

BAT-R Somfy 12V External Battery Radio Motor

Insolroll offers 2 external power source options for BAT-R and BAT-X1 battery motors. Each external battery source uses a wand that is concealed when the shade is installed.

Somfy external reloadable battery wand
External re-loadable
battery wand

Uses 8 replaceable AA Lithium Batteries
Remove wand, change batteries, and replace wand.
Charge lasts approximately one per year.*
Somfy rechargeable Li-ion battery wand
External Rechargeable Li-ion
battery wand

Self-contained rechargeable Li-ion battery
Plug charger into wand and wall outlet
to charge approximately once per year.*

The solar charging advantage

Somfy’s Wirefree™ Li-ion Solar Panel makes keeping your battery shade charged practically effortless.

Benefits of solar panel recharging– energy efficient innovation

  • Extends battery life, with fewer recharges needed. May even eliminate the need for recharging on applications with good solar exposure
  • Ideal for difficult-to-access windows and larger applications
  • Great cost trade-off alternative to retrofit wired applications with high front-end electrical work
  • Discreet low-profile solar panel is easy to conceal and preserves the design of the window
  • Available for ALL Insolroll Battery Motors.

How does charging shade-motor batteries with solar work?

  • Energy-saving technology uses sunlight to cost-effectively charge batteries used to power motorized shades and blinds
  • Solar panel mounts to the window jamb or directly to the glass of the window
  • Internal battery motors– solar cell plugs directly into motor head
  • External battery motors– solar cell plugs into the external battery wand


  • Easy installation doesn’t require an electrician and minimizes installation time and cost
  • Automatically charges Li-ion batteries to minimize maintenance
  • Compatible with embedded motors and external Li-ion battery wand
  • For applications that sometimes don’t get enough sunlight to fully charge the battery or unusual periods of cloudy weather, a plug-in charger can be used to provide supplemental charging

Application locations

  • Solar panel reduces the need for manual re-charge by solar trickle charge.
  • The sunniest windows may provide a totally GREEN solar power source.
  • For less sunny exposures such as North-facing windows, motor may require occasional supplemental charging
  • Suitable for most window types, including single pane, double pane, and energy-saving glass

The Solar Panel Kit includes

somfy solar cell panel
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Mounting Clips with screws
Mounting Clips with Screws
somfy solar kit glass mount adhesive and alcohol swab
Adhesive strips and alcohol swabs

Works with

Mounting at the window

Somfy solar panel window mount
Somfy solar panel frame mount
Somfy external rechargeable Li-ion battery pack for solar charging kit
Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack for external battery motors

Insolroll Small Motor Bracket (SMB) System

for battery and low-voltage shade motors

Insolroll SMB Small Motor Brackets for Fascia applications
Small Motor Brackets

Like all our small motor products, Insolroll battery motors use our new SMB hardware to improve finish level, reduce mechanical noise, and ensure smooth operation with spring idler/bearing system.

Used with the following motors*

  • BAT-L2
  • BAT-L1
  • BAT-X1
  • BAT-R

*Note that BAT-L3 uses standard larger brackets

Quiet Heavy Duty Idler for SMB system
Quiet Heavy Duty Idler for SMB system

Quiet Heavy Duty Idler further reduces operational noise

  • Lightweight nylon material for high mechanical strength
  • High durability for longer life and sound reduction
  • Impact, wear, and fatigue-resistant
  • Provides electrical insulation

Exposed roller brackets and fascia brackets have an idler bearing for smooth operation and matching bracket covers