School & University Window Shades

Schools and Universities have their own set of Facilities Management issues, and Insolroll has solutions designed for them.


Classroom Window Treatments are Only the Beginning…
Educational environments need light management throughout their facilities. At Insolroll, we’ve got solar screen shades, high performance solar screen shades, translucent shades, audio-visual blackout shades and dual shades that combine different light management fabrics in the same window treatment provide a myriad of school window shade solutions for:

  • Solar shades in swimming pool areaLibraries
  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditoriums
  • Administrative Offices
  • Science Labs
  • Music and Art Spaces
  • Aquatics areas

Insolroll Commercial solar shades education schoolsSolar screen window treatments cut glare for effective teaching

Solar Shades and Sun Shades block unwanted glare while maintaining a connection to the outside environment. Reducing the visible light transmitting into a room with a solar screen allows students to see electronic and blackboard presentation without glare and without darkening the room.  Teachers can see the students and make sure they are engaged in class.

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Window treatment solutions for a wide variety of school activities

Colorado State University Cafeteria
Printed shades in a university cafeteria

The broad range of activities and tasks happening in schools make durability and function in window treatments extremely important. Printed shades can further enhance spaces with special applications.

  • Classroom activities, including student reading and work, screen use, and audio-visual presentations
  • Office/Administrative tasks
  • Science lab tasks requiring special equipment use and note taking
  • Video and media presentations in Gymnasiums and Cafeterias
  • Room darkening when auditorium windows are present
  • Adjustable and comfortable reading light for libraries
  • Music and Art rooms, where valuable instruments and artwork can be damaged by UV rays

Audio-visual school window shades

Daylighting in architecture has intensified the need for blackout shades in today’s media-dependent world.

blackout shades school classroom

Large windows and building orientation can make media-viewing challenging in school settings. Even the extremely bright lamps in new technological devices used by teachers today are sometimes not enough to allow clear viewing by students.

Many rooms in schools have multiple purposes, for instance doing double duty as a cafeteria and an assembly/presentation room. A large gymnasium with small, high windows can be too bright for a crowd to see a video presentation clearly in the middle of the day.

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School window treatments and safety

Printed Shade Emergency Exit Safety

Window treatments placed in schools are subject to high safety standards.

Printed shades can provide signage for emergency exits

Insolroll® can digitally print solar screen and blackout shades in-house with Emergency Exit to meet fire safety standards on doors and egress windows. Shown: printed solar shade indicating location of emergency exit from room without exterior door.

More information on printed shades

Flame retardance

Flame Retardant Icon WEBInsolroll® offers a wide selection of commercial fabrics that meet numerous Fire Retardant Certification standards, including California Title 19 and NFPA-701-2004, among others. These fabrics have been thoroughly tested and found to meet or exceed these stringent standards.

Child-safety for school window treatments

Metal Select locking chain guide

Insolroll is an industry leader in Child Safety innovation. Motorization provides the safest, most efficient method of window treatment control, but in cases where manual control is preferred, we offer several Child-Safe options. Our attractive and proprietary Metal Select locking chain guide exceeds the most recent child safety standards

Our Quiet Spring Roller (QSR) system allows cord free operation of shades that are within reach, and features much more precision and durability than spring operated roller shades of the past.

More information on our child-safe operating systems

High performance fabrics

Especially in warmer areas and where school building are in use year round, High Performance solar screen fabrics can play a significant role in lowering cooling costs.

KOOLBLACK™ Technology

Solar Fabrics with KOOLBLACK™ Technology from Mermet offer cost-saving solutions to buildings with west and east-facing windows where glare reduction is a priority.

E-Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology

KoolBlack technology

  • Innovative technology improves dark fabric’s ability to reflect near infrared radiation (NIR) in the sunlight that strikes east- and west-facing windows. This significantly reduces heat gain. Glare is controlled, interiors are more visually comfortable, and heat is controlled more effectively  than with standard dark-colored solar screen fabric.
  • North and south exposures with less intense sun exposure can be covered with the color coordinated Equinox fabrics, allowing overall savings on the project.
  • Consistent streetside aesthetics… dark fabrics facing out and all windows looking virtually the same whether screens are up or down.
SilverScreen metalized fabric

Metallized SilverScreen fabric

SilverScreen High Performance solar screen fabric features an ultra-fine layer of aluminum bonded to the back of the fabric, improving heat performance for dark colors and glare performance for light colors.

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Sustainability and Green BuildingInsolroll Shades of Green Logo

Insolroll roller shades offer sustainable options for your project:

  • Improved energy performance
  • Sustainable Fabrics with recycled and recyclable content
  • LEED NC (New Construction), CS (Core and Shell), Sc (Schools)and CI (Commercial Interiors) Credits
  • Environmental Certifications/Standards (most fabrics have multiple certifications; see all commercial fabrics for complete technical data and certifications.

Learn more about these topics and Insolroll’s Building in Shades of Green Program.

Sustainable fabrics

Today’s commercial building practices often specify sustainable materials, and Insolroll’s Shades of Green Program features 2 commercial quality sustainable fabrics.

GreenScreen Revive solar screen fabric

Available in 1% and 5% openness

  • 100% recyclable
  • A minimum of 89% Repreve® fibers (100% recycled, post-industrial fiber and consumer plastic waste)
  • Cradle to Cradle (cm) Certified
  • Uses 11 recycled bottles per yard of fabric

Infinity2 solar screen fabric

Available in 3% and 5% openness

  • 100% recyclable with active post-industrial and post-consumer scrap reclamation program.
  • 100% TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin)
    • Produced from 100% post-industrial (pre-consumer) recycled content
    • Every component of TPO compound is heat and chemically stable
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • Repeat recyclability for continued sustainablity

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Cycle of Responsibility- recyclable and recycled fabrics