Insolroll Hard-wired Motorized Shades

Hard-wired motors are the preferred solution for new-construction, and are often included in the early stages of a home or building’s design. Power is wired into the building system behind walls and out of sight.

Original Somfy AC or DC hard-wired directional motors provide durability and reliability

 Somfy motor

The original tubular motor design is still the industry standard today due to reliability and cost advantages. These motors were designed with a brake system to prevent shades from slipping, internal limit switches for setting the upper limit of shades when raised and lower limit when shades are down, and thermal overload system to prevent the motor from failing if it gets too hot.

Hard-wired motors require wired switch legs, relays to isolate each motor and 3-position switches.

Recommended for group control applications in new construction projects.

Smart home shade motorization for residential applications


Master bedroom insolroll motorized shades


  • Energy efficiency
  • Convenience

Shade control

Easy control options using simple handheld remotes or app-based smart phone, tablet, or voice-control.

Customization options to fit every lifestyle

      • Schedules and scenes to match your days, nights, and preferences
      • Control shades remotely from anywhere with wifi
      • Integrate with other smart home systems

Advanced control and integration with 3rd Party Home Automation Systems

  • The ultimate in control
  • The ultimate in efficiency
  • The ultimate in customization

Motorized shades as part of a high-performance building facade

Improve a building’s energy efficiency, the productivity and satisfaction of workers, and employ solutions for control needs throughout the building.

School library with Insolroll Solar Shades

Intelligent wired, radio, and digital control options

  • Local controls
  • Building controls
  • Sensors
  • Programming and configuration interfaces

LEED Certification

Motorized shades and optimized control systems can contribute to LEED Certification in office, hospitality, healthcare, and education environments.

LEED seal

  • Optimizing Energy Performance
  • Controllability of Systems- Lighting
  • Innovation and Design
  • Daylight and Views
  • Thermal Comfort Design
  • Controllability of Systems- Thermal Comfort

Get the best shade motorization has to offer from Insolroll

Shade motorization has clear benefits, but Insolroll moves beyond to address important issues you care about.

serene bedroom with Insolroll quiet shades

Quiet and Ultra Quiet motorized shades from Insolroll

We know how important your home or work environment is, and sound plays an important role in how that space functions and feels. At Insolroll, we offer both Quiet and Ultra Quiet motorized shade systems, with extra care taken in the design process to enhance quiet motors with quiet hardware and improve durability.

Learn more about Insolroll quiet motors

Motorized Shade Safety

We are proud to have pioneered the ultimate in hard-wired motorized shade safety with our Insolroll UL-Listed complete motorized shade systems. Going beyond simply utilizing UL-Recognized motors in a traditional motorized shade, Insolroll re-engineered its hard-wired motorized shades to meet the higher safety standards the Underwriters Laboratories uses to designate UL-Listing status. The whole shade system, including all components, wires, and cords.

Motorized shades with UL-Listing:

  • Offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every part of your shade has the highest safety rating
  • Help streamline the inspection process in the construction of your home or business, immediately indicating to inspectors the level of safety certification and whether or not local building codes have been satisfied in the project.

Learn more about Insolroll UL-Listed Motorized Shade Systems

Insolroll Hard-wired Motors

To meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, Insolroll offers numerous different types of shade motors. The model number of each Insolroll shade motor indicates important information.

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Sound level of the motor
IQM = Insolroll Quiet Motor
IUQ = Insolroll Ultra Quiet Motor

Power current flow/type
AC = 110 volt alternating current; bi-directional flow
DC = Direct Current; single direction flow

R = Radio Control
485 = RS 485 Digital Control

110 V AC Quiet Motors

  • IQM-ACR: Radio Control
  • IQM-ACR2: Radio Control
  • IQM-AC: Wired Control
  • IQM-AC2: Wired Control
  • IQM-485-AC: Digital Control

110 V AC Ultra Quiet Motors

  • IUQ-AC: Wired Control
  • IUQ-ACR: Radio Control
  • IUQ-485-AC: Digital Control

24 V DC Quiet Motors

  • IQM-DCR: Radio Control
  • IQM-485-DC: Digital Control

24 V DC Ultra Quiet Motors

  • IUQ-DCR: Radio Control
  • IUQ-485-DC: Digital Control