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Smart Home Shade Integration with Home Automation & Lighting Controls

The sky is the limit when it comes to shading control when integrated with 3rd party home automation systems.

Insolroll’s Open Architecture Advantage for home automation shade control

large home with home automation

Insolroll makes integration of motorized window treatments and patio shades easier and more versatile. With our Insolroll®  shade integration solutions, you can use any brand of lighting or home automation controls, and have several ways to “connect”. We can design a custom control scenario for your new construction or retrofit applications.

Control solutions for 3rd party home automation and lighting controls

Insolroll uses Somfy AC, DC, and Battery motors and Lutron 24V Electronic Drive Units (Oasis Shades only) offers motorized shade integration solutions for the Lutron, Crestron, Control 4, Savant, Vantage and more.



Tab 2:Wireless Shade Control Radio Interface

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Somfy TaHoma® wireless wifi control interface

Somfy Tahoma Insolroll

Somfy’s intuitive TaHoma is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) by translating WiFi to RTS. TaHoma now works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Benefits of using TaHoma to control shades

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to operate up to 40 shades or groups of Insolroll motorized shades whether home or away
  • Effortlessly manage sunlight to reduce glare, increase privacy, or let the sunshine in to create the ideal living environment.
  • Create timed events and operate multiple motorized applications together to create your preferred ambiance and maximize the benefits Insolroll shading systems offer such as energy savings, privacy, glare control and more.
  • Create different scenes that incorporate a variety of motorized products across different channels with your preferred settings and shade positions for times of day and ambiance for various activities such as movie watching, working in home office, etc.
  • Use natural voice commands to control RTS motorized Insolroll solutions by adding TaHoma


  • Schedule times events to automatically operate motorized products to reduce heat gain or allow passive warming by raising shades.

Connected Living

Somfy TaHoma app 2 Insolroll motorized shades

  • Always have control of your motorized applications regardless of where you are.
  • Compatible with Somfy Synergy™ API making TaHoma integration-ready.
  • All Insolroll RTS motors compatible with 3rd party home automation systems:
    • Control4
    • Crestron
    • Savant
    • Elan
    • RTI
    • URC
    • Brilliant Tech
  • Control Somfy-powered Insolroll shades with any Alexa-enabled or Google Home device.
  • TaHoma is scalable, allowing you to use up to 10 TaHomas together for a


Wireless Radio Shade Control InterfaceWireless radio shade control interface

Insolroll Motorized Solar Shades and Blackout Shades can easily connect with lighting controls or home automation systems via a radio interface module.

16-channel radio home automation interface

Insolroll offers a single channel and 16 channel radio home automation interface. The 16 channel motorized shade radio interface is designed for larger applications. If more than 16 channels is desired, a 2nd interface module can be added.

1 channel radio home automation interface (dry contact)

The single channel model is ideal when adding a single shade motor or group of shade motors to an existing home automation system via dry contact.

Connection Methods from Home Automation Processor:

  • RS232/RS485 serial input
  • Dry contact
  • IR (infrared)- direct line of sight

Wired Shade Automation Technology

RS485 shade control interface

The next generation of our RS485 motors are available for interior shades and patio shades. Our advanced wired shade solution has simplified the wiring layout from the previous ILT platform and provides greater stand-alone programming solutions and RS485 driver connectivity with most control brands.

RS485 motors for 24V DC and 110V AC applications

Programmable motor controllers are built into the head of each window treatment motor and are linked to controls via a digital control network. The system offers seamless integration and two-way data feedback between motors and controls.

Click here to see the motor options available

Wired RS485 wiring schematic for 24V DC motors

Wired RS485 Shade Control

Advanced RS485 control integration requires training and commissioning

Our RS485 Digital Control solutions can get complicated and are not recommended for small projects unless the dealer is trained on the system and integration. Contact the Insolroll sales team for RS485 training opportunities.

Large Projects are ideal for RS485 control. For dealers with limited experience, Insolroll offers a project commissioning process to insure everything is working as planned. Ask for a quote when you are pricing a project.

 Insolroll Relay imageHard-wired shade control with relays

Our 4-wire directional AC motors can be controlled with latching relays provided by some control companies. This is how tubular motors were set up to switch 20 years ago, and this method is still used today on some projects.


Solar screen patio shades integrated with Lutron lighting controls

Insolroll now has Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron

Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron provide seamless integration with Homeworks lighting controlsFor projects using Lutron Homeworks, Radio RA2, or Caséta controls, we now offer our Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron. Our patio shades are now available with a Lutron Sivoia QS Electronic Drive Unit for precision control and seamless integration.

Learn more about Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron