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Insolroll Elements® Decorative Window Shades

Insolroll Elements Decorative Window ShadesThe Insolroll Elements® Collection has been expanded and updated to include 41 new fabric patterns and 131 new colors! The new collection reflects the latest design trends with 31 gray choices and interesting textures to meet every decorating style.

Elements Brings Real Choice to Window Shade Selection Process, With 5 Opacity Levels

Insolroll’s decorative and translucent fabrics provide exciting possibilities for designing interior spaces.Insolroll Elements® decorative roller shade semi-sheer kitchen

  1. Sheer:  Light filtering with view-through; objects and colors on the outside can be seen.
  2. Semi-sheer:  Light filtering with partial view-through and varying privacy levels; objects on the outside are partially obscured.
  3. Solar Screen:  Screen fabric with precise openness and technical properties; object visibility varies with openness and color.
  4. Translucent:  Light filtering with no view-through; object shadows may be visible.
  5. Blackout:  Opaque fabric with no view-through; objects are not visible.

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Decorative Sheer Window Shades Filter Sunlight to Create a Warm Atmosphere

Insolroll offers an array of decorative sheer, solar screen and semi-sheer shades to allow daylight to enter a room while providing daytime privacy.  Insolroll Elements™ window shade collection includes subtle patterned fabrics, woven natural textures, and plain solid colors.

From subtle to dramatic, our decorative fabrics feature weaves and textures that bring tactile, sensory style to your room. Larger threads woven with smaller threads to form organic textures that mimic raw silk or natural material textures like bamboo, reeds and grasses. Weave patterns bring out subtle motifs and varying amounts of light reflection in the fabric’s texture. This variation can add dimension to a room, and texture that can bring neutral schemes to life, or quiet a dominating color or pattern in a space.

What Decorative Fabrics Bring to a Room

Sheer and Semi-sheer fabrics filter and diffuse light in varying levels according to weave, texture and color. Textures in the fabric create interesting shadow play in the room, and colors create subtle color casting, which can enhance a room’s design. Alone, or as part of a layered treatment, Sheers and Semi-sheers bring refinement and interest to a room. The distinction between them really is one of privacy level, with Semi-sheer fabrics offering less view-through and more enhanced privacy.

Solar Screen fabrics offer sun control and view-through, which varies according to the fabric’s openness and color. Decorative Solar Screens are designed to control glare and heat without blocking the view, and they do it with style and grace.

Translucent fabrics filter light, and depending on the color and thickness, create lighting effects that can make a room feel light and airy or dramatic and intense. Bringing organic texture to a room, shadows play on the fabric, although there is no direct visibility through it. Light colors will diffuse light so that a room seems to glow, and darker more saturated colors create a color cast that can make a room look like a different place.

Blackout fabrics are the obvious choice for rooms where media viewing or daytime sleeping happen. When intense morning sun prevents well-deserved sleeping in on a Sunday morning, Blackout fabrics provide a beautiful answer. These specialized fabrics allow room darkening because they do not allow light to pass through the fabric at all, resulting in no glow or shadow play, and the highest privacy level. The Blackout fabrics in the Insolroll Elements® Collection bring beautiful texture, color and style to this functional window treatment- a lovely breath of fresh air!

Insolroll Elements Sheer Shade

Insolroll Elements Fabric Privacy Levels

Privacy is personally defined, so we can’t tell you which fabric is exactly right for the level of privacy you will feel is perfect for your space. So judge for yourself… hold our fabrics up against the light– take note of how much you can or cannot see through them to make your own determination. There are some basic guidelines, however…

sheer fabric opacity

Sheer shades are meant to be seen through; they are often part of layered treatments and add texture to your room. On a sunny day, passers-by will not be able to see much through them into your home, though, because generally speaking, your home will be darker than the brightly lit world outside. At night, when your interior is brightly lit, people outside may be able to see inside to varying degrees.

semi-sheer opacity graphic

Semi-sheer shades are similar to sheers, with a slightly less clear view-through. You will see more of their texture, and also like sheers, they diffuse light.

solar screen opacity graphic

Decorative Solar shades are also designed to be seen through, more clearly even than sheers. Controlled weave patterns and fabric openness allow varying levels of view-through, primarily to the more brightly lit area, whether that is inside or outside. Primarily designed for their sun control functionality, solar shades should not be relied on for nighttime privacy, though they will provide a modicum of daytime privacy.

translucent opacity graphic

Translucent shades provide both light-flow and privacy, with no direct view-through. You will be able to see shadows against the fabric, for instance from tree branches outside the window. Shadows are more blurry when the object is farther from the fabric, and more crisp when the object is close to the fabric. In a very brightly lit, small space where privacy is desired, proximity to the shades should be considered.

blackout opacity graphic

Blackout shades do not allow light to pass through and have zero openness and no view-through. Where complete privacy is desired, blackout shades provide the best solution. No shadows will be visible, and nothing can be seen through the fabric itself, although consideration should be given to the edges of the shade where there will be small gaps. Optional side tracks eliminate these gaps.


Elements Dune Translucent Dining Room

Coordinated Translucent and Blackout Window Shade Fabrics

Several of our semi-sheer and translucent fabrics coordinate with blackout fabrics making fabric selections easier throughout projects requiring both types of fabrics.  These fabrics can be combined on a single window for dual shade applications.

  • Coast Translucent (all colors) and Shadow Blackout (all colors)
  • Cobble Translucent (all colors) and Moraine Blackout (all colors)
  • Quartz (all colors) and Marble (all colors)



Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Translucent Insolroll Elements® For Interior use

Easygoing Coast provides filtered light in 4 soft colors coordinated with Shadow Blackout Fabric. Varied thread size with gentle slubbing creates a natural-looking texture with matte finish for understated elegance that will blend harmoniously with the rest of the room's design. Click to view larger swatches.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Translucent Fabric Insolroll Elements® Decorative Shades For Interior use

Decorative translucent fabric with a light and smooth texture. 100% polyester in 5 neutral colors that coordinate with Moraine blackout fabric. Click to view larger swatches.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Blackout Fabrics Insolroll Elements® Decorative Shades For Interior use

Marble Blackout fabric features a light, tone-on-tone texture. It is opaque, providing room darkening and privacy; Neither objects nor shadows on the outside can be seen. Marble Blackout matches Quartz Translucent fabric.

Earl Grey
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Blackout Fabrics Insolroll Elements® Decorative Shades For Interior use

Decorative blackout fabric with a light and smooth texture. 100% polyester in 5 neutral colors that coordinate with Cobble translucent fabric. Click to view larger swatches.

Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Blackout Fabrics Insolroll Elements® Decorative Shades For Interior use

Decorative blackout fabric with a natural grasscloth appearance, in 4 rich colors with varied thread sizes and colors. 100% polyester with acrylic foam backing. Colors coordinate with Beachgrass semi-sheer fabric. Click to view larger swatches.

Mocha Brown
Coffee Brown
Black Brown
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Translucent Fabrics Insolroll Elements® Decorative Shades For Interior use

Quartz translucent fabric features a light, tone-on-tone texture. It filters light with no view-through, creating atmosphere and allowing privacy. Objects on the other side of the fabric cannot be seen directly, but shadows may be visible on the fabric. Quartz Ttanslucent fabric matches Marble blackout decorative fabric.

Earl Grey
Download Technical Fabric Characteristics (PDF)


Blackout Fabrics Insolroll® Solar Shades For Interior use

Shadow blackout fabric features a stylish, natural looking horizontal slub that provides great surface interest, and is color coordinated with Coast Translucent Fabric. With PITCH BLACK® coating made to withstand the harshest sunlight conditions, Shadow provides excellent UV protection, room darkening and privacy. 55% polyester, 25% cationic polyester, and 20% cotton; in 4 colors. Click to view larger swatches.


Decorative Details

Exposed rollerSometimes an exposed roller is the perfect design element. When it’s not, we offer two accessory systems that conceal the roller and protect the fabric from dust and damage.

Paramount Valance with Fabric InsertOptional Paramount Valance system

Insolroll’s Paramount Valance features a matching fabric insert for clean-lined simplicity and consistency, and a Champagne Metal Finish. This valance is open at the top

It can be mounted inside the window opening or outside it, depending upon your preference and the style of window and frame you have.

Cassette white with fabric insertOptional Fabric-wrapped Cassette

Our Cassette option is available in 3″ and 4″ sizes, in black or white, and features a matching fabric wrap. If you like the look of the bare cassette better, it can be ordered without the fabric wrap. The cassette is closed at the top, and provides additional fabric protection. 

Cassette can be mounted inside your window openings or outside it.

Insolroll® roller shade fascia in clear anodized color/finishOptional Fascia System

Insolroll’s fascia system not only protects the fabric and covers the roller, it adds architectural interest and emphasis with its sleek, clean design. Choose coordinating colors to blend in, or complementary colors to make a statement! Available in 5 colors to suit your fancy.

Fascia can be mounted inside your window opening or outside it, and coordinates with optional audio-visual side-tracks and sill-channels to minimize light leakage at the edges.

Hem bar styles

We offer 3 hem bar styles based on the fabric type and your preference. Not all fabrics are suited to all 3  hem bar styles, so you will want to consult your Insolroll dealer to be sure which styles work with your fabric selection.

  • Sealed pocket hem bar
  • Exposed metal hem bar, available in black, white, and clear anodized (silver)
  • Fabric wrapped hem bar, available in black, white, and clear anodized (silver)

welded fabric pocket hem barexposed metal hem barfabric wrapped hem bar



Decorative Hardware for Manual Clutch and Bead Chain Operated Shades

Decorative Clutches and Brackets for Exposed Roller Clutch and Bead Chain Shades

Sleek, modern exposed roller shades with metal and matte finishes bring subtle elegance to your windows.

Insolroll Metal Select Chain Guide colors

Decorative Chains and Chain Guides for Manual Shades

Create a unique look for any space with matching or contrasting bead chains and Insolroll’s exclusive Metal Select child-safe locking chain guide. 6 Metal Select finishes and 12 bead chain colors with both metal and poly-chain options.

Insolroll bead chain color selection


Motorized Shades for Your Home

Having motorized shades in your home can add practical function, convenience, efficiency and safety, as well as enhance your overall lifestyle. Control methods can be as simple or sophisticated as you like, ranging from a single shade with handheld remote control to whole-home automation with scenes, schedules, and sensors to optimize efficiency and livability.

Insolroll motorized window shade controlSimple Controls and Capabilities

Handheld or wall mounted radio remote control transmitters allow you to raise or lower your shades and use custom position settings. A single remote can control up to 5 shades, and the wall mounted switch versions do not require any wiring into your home. Our 24-hour radio timer can lower your shades in the morning and raise them at night, or however you choose.

somfy myLinkApp-based Control and Voice Control

Insolroll uses the Somfy myLink® to control shades using your smart phone or tablet. Somfy has been a worldwide leader in shade motorization for over 50 years, and their myLink device and app also allow voice control of shades. Both control options let you design “scenes”, or customized settings of one or more shades for particular times of day, events, or activities. Schedule your shade operation and positioning, control your shades while you are away from home, and even integrate with other household “smart” items such as thermostats, lighting, and more with additional 3rd party hardware items.

Wired RS485 Shade ControlHome Automation

For the ultimate in control, Insolroll shades can integrate with 3rd party home automation systems from brands such as Control4, Crestron, and more. Total integration with other household systems and the full complement of options for customized control and efficiency. Like app-based control, shades can be programmed in “scenes” and schedules, but can also tie in to all automated functions in the home, respond to sun angle and temperature conditions, and more to optimize your home’s energy efficiency and personalize your own comfort at home.