Solar Angled Window Shades

solar angled shades

Fixed Angle-top Solar Shades block the sun, but not the view!

Solar Screen Shades in dark colors are almost invisible, yet they can block up to 99% of the unwanted glare. All of our solar screen fabrics can be made into fixed shades. Our SilverScreen fabric with a metalized backing reflects the most heat.

Angle-top Solar Screen Shades cover trapezoid and triangle shaped windows

trapezoid shaped solar screenFixed Specialty-shaped Solar Screen Shades can be made to fit any angle-topped window. Fixed trapezoid or triangular shades are made with a 1″ aluminum hem bar sealed into to fabric pocket at top and bottom of shade. Shades are mounted by screwing through the metal hem bar.  These shades do not roll up and down, but can be removed seasonally.

Fixed solar shades can also be made for windows with a square top and an angled bottom.

The Trapezoid Window Shade Solution for any decor!

Skylight & Specialty Shapes guideFixed Solar shades provide a neutral appearance that can be combined with operable solar shades or any other type of window treatment.

Use triangular-shaped or trapezoid-shaped solar screen fixed shades on these hard-to-treat windows.  Solar shades provide excellent glare and UV protection for windows that are often left uncovered.

Fixed Solar Screens Shades for rectangular windows and doors

fixed solar shadeAlthough most project require operable rectangular shades.  Some applications need the sun shade protection all the time.  Corner applications often use fixed shades where there are challenges detailing 2 roller shades in tight corners.

Doors with closer hardware are also challenging for operable solar shades.  Fixec shades permanently attached to a door are the perfect solution for some applications.