Dual Shades with Solar Screen & Blackout Shade combination

Solar shade and blackout shade in one productInsolroll Dual Shades

Many rooms need to serve dual purposes- Insolroll® Dual Shades are designed to provide total lighting control for

  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Schools and auditoriums
  • Home Theaters
  • any room that requires the elimination of light through windows.

Dual shade with 6″ valance system

6" Dual Shade Valance

Insolroll has designed the most versatile dual shade and valance system on the market.  Our 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ dual bracket is ideal for manual clutch, battery motors, and AC and DC motors. A separate 6″ valance conceals both roller shades.

The control side handing can be right/right, left/left, or right/left.  We recommend specifying right hand control for blackout and left hand control for solar shade to keep the chain operators of different sides of the window. This eliminates user confusions when there are too many chains hanging down together.

Dual shade with 7″ Fascia

Insolroll offers a fascia option for dual shades. Our 5 9/16″ x 7 5/16″ dual bracket is ideal for AC and BAT-L3 motors. The fascia attaches directly to the brackets and comes with end caps. Available in white, black and clear anodized.

Dual shade systems audio-visual applicationsDual Shade System with Solar Screen and Blackout Shades

Dual shade systems have two roller shades within a single housing, providing both room darkening and ambient light control. The most common configuration is one Solar Screen Shade and one Audio-visual Blackout Shade, which creates the perfect environment for any business or entertainment event. Both rollers are housed either in a site-built pocket with a dual bracket or on combined brackets that can be concealed with fascia.

Motorized dual shades

Especially in a commercial setting, motorization provides the most convenient and trouble-free operation of dual roller shades. Motorized Dual Shades can be installed in a site-built pocket with a flap and hanger, and virtually disappear into the ceiling. Motorization also prevents fabric over-handling in a commercial setting, preserving the appearance of the fabric for years to come.

A fabric team gets the whole job done

Solar Screen and Blackout Fabric together in treatment provide complete light control.

Solar Screen Fabric blocks heat and glare, without blocking the view, making rooms more comfortable and protecting interiors.

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Blackout fabric stops light from passing through the fabric into the room, providing both room darkening and privacy.

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Dual Shade Hardware Options

Insolroll Dual Shade with 6" valance

  • Dual Shade valance conceals both rollers; optional 6″ return


  • Dual Shade 7″ Fascia

Insolroll Dual Clutch or Motorized Shade Fascia 2013

  • Two sets of brackets with 4″ Fascia: conceals both rollers with minimal height; 4″ Top/Back Cover optional


Dual shade exposed bracket in pocket detail
Mounting detail for Insolroll Dual (Solar Screen & Blackout Shades) in pocket.
  • Dual Shades with exposed roller in site-built pocket



Dual shade accessories to stop light leakage

blackout shades school classroom

Opaque fabric stops light where the fabric covers, but to achieve more extreme room darkening, optional Side Tracks and Sill Channels are required.

For rooms in which workers or students must take notes or follow along with printed materials, Side Tracks and Sill Channels are not recommended. Your Insolroll Dealer can help you determine the accessories that are right for your application.

Insolroll Blackout Shade with Fascia System & Side Tracks


Built-in dual shades

Insolroll Dual Motorized Shade Pocket 2013

Dual shades can be mounted on a dual motor bracket in a site-built pocket, or on two connected single brackets (motorized or manual clutch operated)