Residential Solar Shades

MidCentury dining room solar shades


Today’s interiors are full of windows, which is a beautiful thing! However, as anyone who has lived with lots of windows can attest, along with glass come high temperatures and sometimes uncomfortable brightness. Solar shades are a perfect solution to this dilemma, allowing the best that windows have to offer while controlling glare, heat and UV rays.

Insolroll solar shades residential hawaii sunroomSolar shades block the sun, not the view

Light is powerful. That’s why it doesn’t take much openness in solar fabrics to provide excellent view-through. Solar shade fabrics are woven to very precise standards, controlling the amount of surface area that is left open. Fabrics with openness between 3% and 10% provide excellent levels of view-through in combination with excellent levels of solar performance.

You’ll Love the Way it Looks!

Our collection of solar screen fabrics features a broad variety of weave patterns, colors and textures. Whether your style is urban contemporary, French country or traditional, Insolroll has choices that make sense within your design scheme. Roller Shades lend beauty and function to layered window treatments as well, from functional or dummy panel draperies to cornices and valances.


Insolroll solar shades residential window seat
Insolroll solar shades filter the light.

Solar Shades Provide Total Lighting Control

Solar shades are designed to control light without eliminating it. Like sunglasses for your windows, solar shade fabrics reduce glare while allowing excellent views to the outside.
Block up to 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays

  • Reduce glare and increase visual comfort
  • High performance solar shades block heat and keep your home cool

How to Select the Right Solar Screen Fabric

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Block the sun, enhance the view and visual comfort

West-facing windows and reflective landscape surroundings can make certain areas of your home uncomfortably hot and bright. Solar Screen fabrics control heat and glare, but let you keep your view and connection to the outdoors.

Daytime Privacy

Solar Screen fabrics afford some level of daytime privacy, much like sheer draperies would, but are much more energy efficient. As part of a layered window treatment, solar shades can provide daytime privacy in bedrooms and rooms with windows closer to streets and sidewalks.

Protecting Your Home’s Furnishings & Finishes

UV rays are the part of sunlight that cause photo-degradation- fading and weakening of various materials. The openness factor of a fabric’s weave determines the amount of UV rays that can pass through into the interior, so a fabric with a lower openness factor affords greater protection. A 5% open solar screen fabric stops 95% of harmful UV rays from entering your home through the windows.

Elements Dune Translucent Dining RoomInsolroll Elements® Adds More Textured Solar Screen Options

Insolroll has added a whole new decorative roller shade product line that includes sheer, semi-sheer, translucent, solar screen, and blackout fabric options.

Solar Screen Shades great room with viewMotorized Shades for Your Home

Having motorized shades in your home can add practical function, convenience, efficiency and safety, as well as enhance your overall lifestyle. Control methods can be as simple or sophisticated as you like, ranging from a single shade with handheld remote control to whole-home automation with scenes, schedules, and sensors to optimize efficiency and livability.

Simple Controls and Capabilities

Handheld or wall mounted radio remote control transmitters allow you to raise or lower your shades and use custom position settings. A single remote can control up to 5 shades, and the wall mounted switch versions do not require any wiring into your home. Our 24-hour radio timer can lower your shades in the morning and raise them at night, or however you choose.

somfy myLinkApp-based Control and Voice Control

Insolroll uses the Somfy myLink® to control shades using your smart phone or tablet. Somfy has been a worldwide leader in shade motorization for over 50 years, and their myLink device and app also allow voice control of shades. Both control options let you design “scenes”, or customized settings of one or more shades for particular times of day, events, or activities. Schedule your shade operation and positioning, control your shades while you are away from home, and even integrate with other household “smart” items such as thermostats, lighting, and more with additional 3rd party hardware items.

Wired RS485 Shade ControlHome Automation

For the ultimate in control, Insolroll shades can integrate with 3rd party home automation systems from brands such as Control4, Crestron, and more. Total integration with other household systems and the full complement of options for customized control and efficiency. Like app-based control, shades can be programmed in “scenes” and schedules, but can also tie in to all automated functions in the home, respond to sun angle and temperature conditions, and more to optimize your home’s energy efficiency and personalize your own comfort at home.



child safety graphicChild safety for solar window shades

Insolroll, Inc. has created durable child safety window shade solutions that are compliant with the new American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012).

Insolroll provides cord-free, single cord pull, continuous bead chain pull shades, and motorized window shades that meet and exceed new standard implemented by a joint effort of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Additional child-safe window shade recommendations:

  • Use cordless shades in playrooms and children’s bedrooms.
  • Keep cribs away from windows with corded window treatments.
  • Shorten cords to be out of reach of young children.
  • Inquire with local window treatment dealer about child safe chain or cord guides if you have free-hanging loops on existing window treatments.

ExposedRollerSilScrHardware accessories that cover the roller

In some applications, an exposed roller and operator is just what the design calls for. Designers often use this approach in lofts and spaces with a very urban or industrial design scheme. However, in applications that call for a more finished appearance, the roller and operator are usually covered.

Insolroll has several systems for masking these components:



Insolroll® roller shade fascia in clear anodized color/finishFascia system option

Insolroll has designed a Fascia System the protects fabric when it is retracted and conceals the roller for a more clean-lined appearance than the exposed roller (left). Think of it like a valance box that also protects the fabric of  your solar shades. Available in five colors to complement any room design: Black, White, Vanilla, Bronze and Clear Anodized.

Download Insolroll® Clutch Shade with Fascia Technical Drawing


Paramount valance with Tahoe fabric insertParamount Valance option

Our handsome Paramount Valance features a metallic champagne base color finish, and a matching fabric insert.


4 inch cassette fabric covered3″ or 4″ cassette option

Our cassette option both protects and conceals the fabric roller. Two sizes are available,  in white or black, and can be fabric wrapped or unembellished.

Download Insolroll® Clutch Shade with Cassette Technical Drawing

“Built-in” shades installed in a site-built or extruded Pocket


Shade concealed in site-built pocket above angle topped window

Shades can be installed in a cavity above the ceiling, either in an Extruded Shade Pocket or a Site-built Pocket. When the shade is lowered, no hardware or roller is seen at all, and when the shade is raised, it disappears out of sight into the pocket.Mounting detail for motorized solar screen shades in aluminum extruded pocket. 110v AC Motor

We have 2 pocket options for installing and concealing shades:

  • Extruded Shade Pocket: Available in 5″ and 5 5/8″ sizes; perfect for grid- and drop- ceiling applications. Also used as a roller and fabric enclosure for very tall shades that would not fit into a fascia system.

Download Insolroll® Motorized Shade with Ceiling Pocket Technical Drawing

  • Site-built Shade Pocket: A cavity built at the time of construction above the window, into which the shade roller is installed. The only Insolroll hardware accessory required for this type of application is a flap and hanger, which partially closes the pocket opening, but allowing easy access and further masking the roller from view.
4 3/4" Site Built Pocket
Mounting detail for Insolroll motorized shades with 110v AC motor in a site-built pocket with J-box prewiring.

shades for natural lighting control

Download Insolroll® Motorized Shade in Site-built Pocket Technical Drawing

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