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Motorized Shade Controls

Insolroll Motorized Solar Shades Residential View

The switching and control of motorized window treatments is a rapidly changing technology.

Motorized window shade control options

Many of the solutions that we offered 33 years ago are still available today, however there are many ways to accomplish similar switching criteria today. Understanding the scope and use of motorized window treatments will help us recommend the perfect solution for your application.

Insolroll motorized window shade control

Radio remote control operation

Remote control operation simplifies electrical wiring as it eliminates the need to run switch legs. Shades can be operated individually or in groups.

Learn more about radio remote control operation

iPad solar shade control

Tablet and smartphone wireless shade control

The advent of tablets and smartphones brought with it the reinvention of home lighting and motorized window shade control. Now, powerful, value-packed options for switching everything in the home are available through apps for iOS and Android platforms. Use your tablet or smartphone, as well as laptop and desktop computers to operate your Insolroll Radio Motor shades with ease, and lots of functionality options.

Learn more about tablet and smartphone wireless shade control

Voice Control Devices

Voice control options for shades and many other home devices and systems are changing almost daily. Virtually all Insolroll motorized shade options can be controlled by various voice control platforms, whether for single shade or whole-home systems.

Hard-wired wall switch operation

Switch operation allows individual control for convenience of each office occupant or group control for operating all shades per exposure or building zone.

Learn more about hard-wired wall switch operation

Switching by 3rd party lighting control or building management system

Insolroll offers open architecture shade control that allows for easy wireless or wired interface with virtually all brands of control systems.

Learn more about Home Automation and Lighting Control Interface

Radio remote control

Special built-in radio remote control motors simplify wiring, as the motors can be plugged into an outlet located near the head of the window.

Handheld transmitter options

Radio motor transmitter
Single channel transmitter

water-proof 5 channel transmitter
5 channel outdoor transmitter

water-proof single channel radio transmitter
Single channel outdoor transmitter

multi channel radio transmitter
5 channel transmitter

*Patio transmitters are water proof for exterior use.

Wall-mount transmitter options

In-wall wireless switches are available in white, ivory, and black. Two-, Three-, and Four- channel switches are available. Clear button labels simplify the switch operation. 56 clear labels are included with each switch to customize appearance. Custom engraved labels are available as well. Call for complete list of engraved labels. 

Single channel radio wall transmitter
1-channel in-wall transmitter

Black 5 channel radio wall transmitter
5-channel in-wall transmitter

Ivory 5 channel radio wall transmitter
5-channel in-wall transmitter

24-hr radio timer control
24-hour radio timer control

Surface mount single channel wall transmitter
Surface mount single channel wall transmitter

Universal radio remote control receiver

The Universal radio receiver is ideal for applications where line of site required for IR remote control is difficult. Radio remote control is convenient and simplifies wiring by eliminating switch legs.   Universal remote receiver is used with 110 V STD-AC and IQM-AC motor instead of using radio motors. These motors are narrower and used on windows too narrow for radio motors.

built-in radio receiverMotor with built-in radio receiver

Simply supply 110 volt AC power (1.6 Amps) to the motor and you are ready to roll. The transmitters have a range up to 65′. Our new built-in radio receiver incorporates the same radio technology and features as the Universal receivers.

Control motorized shades with your favorite mobile device

Simply add our myLink WiFi to Radio Technology interface and switch shades easily from any smartphone or tablet

MyLink WiFi app Control provides functionality and convenience in the palm of your hand:

smartphone iphone motorized shade remote myLink

  • Control for up to 16 channels per myLink from iOS and Android devices
  • Join multiple myLinks together for multi-zone control
  • Automate window coverings with Scenes and Schedules- automate motorized applications on a seven day schedule so you can effortlessly enjoy their many benefits
  • Supports Up/Down/My/Stop commands
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Multiple users
  • Remote access- Activate shades, schedule and scenes, even when you’re away from home with a single tap, to maximize the many lifestyle benefits they provide, such as energy savings, UV protection and privacy.
  • Voice control via Amazon Echo and more!
  • myLink Dimensions: 4.11″Long x 2.23″ Wide x 1.52″ High
  • iOS Version: 6 and higher
  • Android Version: Jelly Bean and higher



Getting started is a snap!

  • Easy setup wizard
  • Free app for iOS and Android:

Apple app store button

google play app store button

Hard-wired switches and relays

hard wired wall switch

  • Three-position switches (up/off(center)/down).
  • Available in multiple styles and colors to match decor.
  • Special Keyed Switches available for locations where operations of shades is limited to authorized personnel.

Insolroll offers several styles of 3-position switches designed for 110V AC directional motors used in most window treatments. All switches have a 15 amp rating and are UL recognized.

*Important Note: 110 V AC motors cannot be wired in parallel. Each motor requires a separate run of 14/3 AWG to a separate pole of a switch or relay.

Hard-wired rocker switch
Rocker Switch

Hard-wired designer wall switch
Designer Switch

hard-wired wall switch
Standard wall switch

hard-wired key switch
Key Switch

Standard switches

  • Maintained or momentary
  • Single or double pole
  • Color: white only
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 gang plates available

Designer Switches

  • Maintained or momentary
  • Single or double pole
  • Colors: white, ivory, or almond
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, gang plates available

Toggle switches

  • Maintained or momentary
  • Single or double pole
  • Colors: white or ivory
  • 1, 2, gang plates available

Key switches

  • Special Keyed Switches available for locations where operations of shades is limited to authorized personnel.
  • Automatic control can be accomplished using hard-wired switching devices or wireless switching devices.
  • Color: Gray/Silver