Motorized Shade Controls

motor controls

The switching and control of motorized window treatments is a rapidly changing technology.

Motorized Window Shade Control Options

Many of the solutions that we offered 33 years ago are still available today, however there are many ways to accomplish similar switching criteria today. Understanding the scope and use of motorized window treatments will help us recommend the perfect solution for your application.

Insolroll motorized window shade control

Radio Remote Control Operation

Remote control operation simplifies electrical wiring as it eliminates the need to run switch legs. Shades can be operated individually or in groups.

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iPad tablet shade control

Tablet and Smartphone Wireless Shade Control

The advent of tablets and smartphones brought with it the reinvention of home lighting and motorized window shade control. Now, powerful, value-packed options for switching everything in the home are available through apps for iOS and Android platforms. Use your tablet or smartphone, as well as laptop and desktop computers to operate your Insolroll Radio Motor shades with ease, and lots of functionality options.

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Wall Switch Operation

Hard-wired Wall Switch Operation

Switch operation allows individual control for convenience of each office occupant or group control for operating all shades per exposure or building zone.


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Switching by 3rd party Lighting Control or Building Management System

Insolroll offers open architecture shade control that allows for easy wireless or wired interface with virtually all brands of control systems.

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