Oasis® Patio Shades Driven by Lutron

Oasis Patio Shades Driven by LutronInsolroll Window Shading Systems introduces Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron, bringing best-in-class motorized patio shades to the luxury home market, while integrating with Lutron Homeworks® and Radio R®2 controls

Precision Control Patio Shades

Oasis® 2800 Patio Sun ShadeOasis® 2800 Patio Sun Shades are now available with Lutron Sivoia QS Electronic Drive Units (EDU). The ultra-quiet, precision-controlled EDU controls the movement of a shade, keeps track of the shade’s position and adjusts the shade to the user’s desired preset positions.  the Lutron Electronic Drive Units provides smooth, silent starts and stops.

Patio Shades with Seamless Integration to Lutron Lighting Controls.

Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron are the perfect outdoor sun control solution for the luxury home market.  Lighting control integrators can easily connect the shades to Lutron Homeworks, Radio RA2 and Caseta controls without workaround required for non-Lutron motor solutions.  Insolroll utilizes the powerful 24V low-voltage Lutron Roller 300 EDU making wiring easy and connectivity with Homeworks perfect.  Shades can also be controlled with stand-alone Pico Radio Remote Control wall switches and hand-held remotes.

Oasis 2800 Patio Shades Driven by Lutron are now available

Oasis Patio Shades Driven by Lutron launchInsolroll launched the Patio Shade at the September 2016 CEDIA trade show(home automation industry) in Dallas to rave reviews from Lutron integration partners across the United States and Canada.  Oasis 2800 Patio Shades are our original and most popular patio shade model.  Oasis 2800 is our first model to be Driven by Lutron and incorporate Lutron Electronic Drive Units.  The maximum size for these shades is 16′ wide x 10′ high.

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Oasis 2900 Retractable Insect Screens Driven by Lutron are coming soon

Oasis® 2900 Retractable Insect ScreenDevelopment work is underway to provide over-sized retractable insect screens Driven by Lutron. Launch of our Oasis 2900 Retractable Insect Screens Driven by Lutron is slated for early 2017.

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