Why Choose Insolroll?

We Are A Shading Specialist for Windows and Patios…Inside & Out!

Roller Shades

  • Interior solar screen shades
  • Blackout roller shades
  • Decorative window shades

Exterior Roller Shades

  • Patio shades
  • Exterior sun shades
  • Retractable insect screens

Our People Make the Difference!

Our business has been built upon the philosophy that quality people are the key to a successful business.  The Insolroll staff represents decades of industry experience and every member of the team strives to build positive working relationships with our customers.  We put a premium on training and keeping great employees.  The depth of experience becomes your support system.


Award-winning Customer Service

Customer Service and Technical Support
Customer Service and Technical Support

Two members of our customer service team have been recognized by the International Customer Service Association for outstanding service, and we have received 4 nominations total. That’s not just by chance- our Customer Service team strives for excellence in product knowledge, motor programming, and positive customer interaction.

Motorization Expertise and Support

Insolroll has the experience to help you with all types of motorization requirements.  From simple wiring and programming to complex building and home automation interface, Insolroll can walk the talk to make sure your project goes smoothly. We are here every day to provide support throughout your process.

Product Innovation

Insolroll understands market requests, and strives to deliver superior product solutions. Here is a list of some of our recent product innovations:

  • Metal Select Locking Chain Guide.  Our proprietary chain guide exceeds safety standards for corded window treatments, and we developed it to be beautiful as well as functional. Learn more
  • UL Listed Motorized Shade Systems.  Insolroll is an industry pioneer in developing complete shading systems with UL Listed status Learn more
  • Quiet Spring Roller (QSR) Operator.  At Insolroll, we’ve developed what we believe is the best child-safe spring roller shade operator available.  Learn more
  • High Performance Fabrics.  Insolroll constantly surveys the fabric world, looking for latest in technological advances in solar performance. As part of our in-stock fabric collection, we feature two metalized, reflective fabrics for the highest possible performance, SilverScreen and its PVC-free counterpart, EnviroScreen. We also offer E-Screen with KoolBlack Technology as a special order fabric, which offers the highest performance possible in a non-metalized dark-colored fabric. Learn more

The bottom line is we value our customers, and take the additional steps needed in production, research, development and support to provide the finest product and service available.