Solar Skylight Shades

skylight solar shades light colorInsolroll makes custom solar screen shade panels to fit any skylight or overhead glass application. Solar screens block the sun with out blocking the view, so fixed applications offer an affordable solution for some of the hardest windows to treat.

Solar Skylight Screens provide glare control for large overhead glass areas.

Fixed skylight solar shades provide an affordable option for controlling glare and heat in single skylights; they are made with a spring tension rod at the top and bottom of the shade panels. Intermediate spring rods can be added to support longer glass openings.

Fixed shades provide a low-cost alternative to expensive overhead shading systems and still provide the heat and glare control required without eliminating some natural daylighting.

Fixed Solar Shade for single skylights

Fixed solar skylight shades can be installed and removed seasonally if more sunlight is desired in the winter for heat gain.

fixed shade application-same window treated

Skylight with fixed solar screen shade

Fixed shade application-untreated

Skylight without shade