Blackout Roller Shades

Insolroll commercial blackout AV shades conference room

Insolroll manufactures blackout roller shades for commercial and residential applications. Insolroll® Blackout Window Shades provide both room darkening and ambient light control.

Residential blackout window shade

Insolroll blackout shades bedroom


Blackout shades are opaque, and do not allow either light flow or view-through. This is the definitive solution for areas where complete privacy is desired. 

Room Darkening

Blackout shades are ideal for room darkening residential applications. Shades may be used alone, or in conjunction with draperies, roman shades or solar shades.

Media Viewing

Blackout shades enhance media viewing for home theaters or living rooms where people watch movies or other media presentations.

Insolroll Blackout shades with side track accessories.
Blackout shades with side track accessories.

Need darker dark?

If blackout shades are mounted outside your window opening, the edges of the shades will overlap the edges of the opening, but a small amount of light will be visible behind and around those overlapping edges.

If blackout shades are mounted inside your window opening, there will be small gaps between the edges of the fabric and the edges of the opening, where light will shine in.

Optional blackout shade hardware accessories can nearly eliminate these light “leaks” if more complete room darkening is desired. Side tracks (shown in photo at right) capture the shade edges and block almost all light leakage at the edges. Optional sill channels are also available to capture the bottom edge of the shade fabric to eliminate further light leakage where required.

Residential Blackout Shades are ideal for:

  • Home Theaters
  • Bedrooms
  • Home Office
  • Any area requiring total privacy


Insolroll commercial blackout shades cafeteriaCommercial blackout window shades

The Insolroll® audio-visual blackout shade system is available with our fascia systems, access flap & hanger for custom pockets, or our extruded headbox. Side tracks and sill channels can reduce light leakage.

Blackout shade options are selected on an a la carte basis to get the right amount of light blockage for each application.  For many school and conference applications it may be preferable to install shades without tracks to allow some light into room participants to take notes.

Commercial Blackout Window Shades are ideal for:

  • Conference rooms
  • Video training areas and screening rooms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel rooms

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new blackout fabrics from insolrollBlackout window shades fabric collection

In the combined Insolroll Blackout and Insolroll Elements® fabric collections,  Insolroll offers 16 fabric styles in 69 color and texture combinations, ranging from the easily wipeable to elegantly textured.

Our collection of blackout fabrics do not allow light to pass through, with Flame Retardant options and Anti-microbial/Anti-fungal options for commercial applications.

zenith FR blackout fabric
Zenith FR blackout fabric, Sesame

Fire Rated Blackout Fabrics

  • Nightfall
  • Zenith
  • Orion
  • Nocturne
  • Eclipse
  • Twilight
  • Denali

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Dual Shades hotel guest room

Dual blackout shades for total light and privacy management

Insolroll Blackout Window Shades can be paired in the same window opening with Solar Screen Shades for complete sun and light management in a space. This Insolroll® Dual Shade system is available with a double fascia system, a 6″ x 6″ valance system, or mounted into a custom ceiling pocket to completely conceal the roller systems. Side tracks to reduce light leakage is another available option. A wide range of blackout fabrics are available to coordinate with any decor.

dual blackout solar screen shades conference room office
See how Insolroll® Dual shade systems combining a blackout shade with solar shade for glare control create the perfect environment for any business or entertainment event.


Insolroll Dual Shade with 6" valance

6″ valance system for dual shades

Insolroll offers a 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ dual bracket for clutch shades and small motor systems.  A separate 6″ valance system is designed to conceal the rollers.  This is ideal for hotel and conference room applications.

  • White
  • Bronze
  • Clear Anodized (silver)

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Motorized and Manual Blackout Shades

The full complement of Insolroll motorization and manual control options is available with blackout shades. Learn more.

av-system-diag-lg-labled-copyrgbOptional fascia system with audio-visual accessories

Our Audio-Visual and Dual shades are available with fascia and additional accessories that block light at the edges and the bottom of the shades.

  • Fascia System to conceal the roller in 5 colors
  • Side tracks to reduce light leakage; 3 colors
  • Sill channel is used to prevent light leakage at the sill for extreme darkening applications. applications; 3 colors.

Note: For many school and conference applications it may be preferable to install shades without tracks to allow some light into room participants to take notes.