Roller Shade Operators & Hardware

Operators are the systems that raise and lower the shade.

Hardware includes options for covering the shade roller, built-in options, audio-visual tracks and channels, and color choices.

Motorized Roller Shade Operators

Motorization offers the most convenient and versatile roller shade operation and control.

Motor Options

Insolroll offers a full range of motor technology options to fit every application, including those where hard-wiring is not practical.

AC motor shade drawing w brackets


  • AC Four-wire directional motors
  • AC Radio motors
  • AC Intelligent motors
  • AC Ultra Quiet motors
  • DC Battery motors

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Somfy TaHoma app 3 Insolroll motorized shades

Motor Features Available

  • UL-Listed Motorized Shading Systems– Unique in the industry
  • Quiet motor technology– great for nurseries, bedrooms, and more
  • Control Options & Building Automation– a myriad of Somfy RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) options for home control and connectivity
    • Simple handheld remote
    • Wireless wall switch
    • Tablet or smartphone control
    • Voice control
    • Building automation

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Shades for Large Windows

Insolroll offers a large selection of wide-width fabrics to cover large windows. There are several approaches to covering windows that are wider than the width of the fabric, and your Insolroll Dealer can help you understand the advantages of each solution and select the one best for your application.

Multiple Panel Non-railroaded Shades

For applications with large shades, 2 or 3 non-railroaded panels can mounted on a single roller tube with a single motor. The 3/4″ fabric gaps are typically lined up with window mullions for a crisp, finished appearance.

coupled shades exposed bracket

Coupled Motorized Shades

Another technique for covering wider applications is coupling single or multiple shades on separate roller tubes supported by a center bracket.

  • Coupled shades can be made with up to 5 non-railroaded shade panels on a single motor. 
  • Coupled shades can have exposed roller or 4″ fascia
  • Coupled and multiple panel shades can provide easier installation and cost efficiency. 

Manual Roller Shade Operators

Quiet Spring Roller Child Safe Shade operator

Cordless Operation

Quiet Spring Roller

  • Easily operate with a tug of the hem bar
  • Stays where you place it
  • Easy spring tension adjustment

Insolroll exposed roller

Clutch Operation

  • Continuous loop bead chain
  • Standard and Decorative Options
  • Sizes to accommodate all shade sizes, with available spring assist to make lifting larger, heavier shades easier.

Insolroll Metal Select Chain Guide colors

Chains, Guides, & Child Safety

Insolroll sells only locking chain guides, tested and assured to meet the current industry standard for child safety: ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018.

  • Insolroll’s proprietary Metal Select Locking Chain Guides
    • All metal
    • 6 finishes
    • Exclusively from Insolroll

Insolroll Universal chain guide color selection

  • Universal Chain Guide in 4 colors
  • 6 Poly bead chain colors
  • 6 Metal bead chain colorsInsolroll bead chain color selection

Standard R-Series Clutchesmanual clutch shade operators

  • Black, White, or Vanilla
  • Spring Assist in Black or White

Insolroll Decorative Clutch finishes

Decorative Clutch Shades

Simple, elegant manual operation with chic exposed roller and clutch and bracket hardware in sophisticated finishes.

  • 5 matte finishes
  • 6 metal finishes
  • Chains and guides to match

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