Quiet Motor Shade System

Insolroll Ultra Quiet Motorized Shades

Ultra-Quiet Motors in Conference Room

Ultra Quiet Motorized Shades in conference room

For applications demanding motorized window shades that operate in virtual silence Insolroll® Ultra Quiet Motors (IUQ) and Insolroll® Quiet Motors (IQM) incorporate the latest in noise reduction technology.

Insolroll Ultra Quiet Motor Shade Systems set the new standard for noise reduction

Ultra Quiet Motor from Insolroll

Detail of Insolroll Ultra Quiet Motor

Insolroll has virtually eliminated motor and mechanical noises with the introduction our new Insolroll® Ultra Quiet Motor shade systems. Our new IUQ motors operate at less than or equal to 38 decibels and Insolroll has utilized additional noise reduction hardware upgrades to make these shades the new industry standard for quiet motorized shades. IUQ 110 V AC motors are now available as a complete UL Listed System with Insolroll Interior Solar Shades, Blackout Shades, or Decorative Shades.

Insolroll Quiet Motorized Shades are now available for interior or exterior use

Oasis Patio Shades are UL Listed

Oasis Patio Shades now available with Insolroll Quiet Motors

Insolroll’s IQM Motors operate at approximately 44 dB from a distance of 3 feet away. This represents a 50% reduction in the noise produced by typical 110V AC motors (operating at 52 decibels) that provide greater lifting capacity for products like awnings. In addition the distinctive click heard when a standard motor starts up is also eliminated. The IQM 110 V AC motors have met the rigorous UL Listed Standards for all Insolroll® Interior Shades and Oasis® Patio Shades. Insolroll also offers IQM 24V DC motors for interior shades only.

Applications for Ultra Quiet Motorized Roller Shades

All Insolroll AC motors are now quiet motor systems. Ultra Quiet motors are ideal for discriminating projects and rooms where motor noise could be a problem. Bedrooms and conference rooms with a lot of motors are ideal applications for the noise reduction technology built into the motor and the shade hardware.

Quiet Motor Control Technology

Insolroll offers IQM and IUQ motors with three different motor control technologies to meet any project control criteria. The pre-wire requirements, control options, home automation interfacing options and switching options are the same for both IUQ and IQM motors.

  • Four-wire directional motors: IUQ-AC, IQM-AC, or IQM-AC2 motors
  • Radio motors: IUQ-ACR, IQM-ACR, IQM-ACR2, or IQM-DCR motors
  • Intelligent motors: IUQ-485-AC, IQM-485-AC, or IQM-485-DC motors

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