Commercial Window Treatments

High quality solar screen roller shades are the perfect window treatment choice for commercial locations, providing increased energy efficiency, durability, and cleanability in addition to heat,glare and UV control.

They contribute to the performance of the building and organization as a whole in the areas of safety, energy usage, comfort and user experience. Insolroll® solar shade commercial window treatments are highly durable, and built to last and remain beautiful and trouble-free. 

Hospital and Healthcare Window Treatments

Dental Office solar screen window treatments

  • Solar Screen Shades, Privacy/Room Darkening Shades & Translucent Shades for privacy and daylighting
  • Solar fabrics that meet Health Care standards
  • Sentry Translucent fabric with Ultra-Fresh™ Antimicrobial kills MRSA and more on contact
  • Safety standards- Child Safety, Fire Retardant, Anti-Microbial
  • Control scenarios for single rooms, shared spaces, building level control

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School & University Window Treatments

Fascia on school library shades

  • Glare control for classrooms and common areas
  • Audio-Visual Blackout Shades
  • Safety standards- Child Safety, Fire Retardant
  • Durable and cleanable
  • Visual connection to outside environment

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Office & Conference Room Window Treatments

Glare control for office worker using screen

  • Work setting glare control
  • Audio-Visual Blackout and Dual Shades with Solar Screens
  • Control scenarios for individual offices, zone control and whole building integration
  • High performance Solar Shades save energy

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Hospitality & Hotel Window Treatments

hotel exercise room solar shades

  • Guest room dual shades for privacy and light filtering
  • Commercial Fire-rated sheer fabrics for dual shades or layered treatments
  • Window treatments for common areas and their functions
  • Ballroom and meeting room window treatments and Audio-Visual shades
  • Control scenarios for guests and management

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Restaurant Window Treatments

Solar shade for restaurant

  • Make customers comfortable
  • Durable, attractive window treatment
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Maintain view and connection to outside
  • Custom Printing on shades available

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Retail Store Window Treatments

Insolroll SS 013 Com

  • Glare control for patrons and service people
  • Ambience and light control for the perfect setting
  • Protect merchandise from UV Rays
  • Printed shades provide additional signage
  • Control Scenarios for single shades or groups of shades

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National Accounts Window Treatment Service


  • Commercial Window Treatment Measuring & Installation Services
  • One call purchase with Local Service anywhere in United States
  • We provide project management and turn-key service
  • Repair Service Program

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