Health Care & Hospital Window Treatments


Daylighting and evidence-based design

Evidence-based design research has shown that daylighting not only reduces energy costs but enhances the building environment, providing health benefits to patients and creating a pleasant, comfortable workplace. Solar Screen shades, privacy shades and translucent roller shades are an important daylighting component in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Solar  Screen Shades provide benefits for hospitals and health care organizations:

  • Hospital exam room solar shadesDecreased cooling costs
  • Decreased glare on equipment display screens and computers
  • Daylighting
  • Patient wellness and comfort
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Improved financial performance of facility
  • Integration with multiple building functions





Sentry Translucent fabric Kills MRSA, C-diff and more on contact

Sentry Translucent fabric was engineered specifically with the healthcare industry in mind. Its Ultra-Fresh™ antimicrobial technology brings another layer of defense to hospital rooms in addition to adding privacy with filtered light.

Privacy in Healthcare & Hospital Window Treatments

Blackout Shades for Room Darkening & Privacy

Father looking at his sleeping wife and a newborn baby in a hospital bedroomHospitals, doctor’s and dentist’s offices have different needs for privacy. Some exam rooms require complete privacy, and windows need blackout shades. Patient rooms, which are often lit at night, also need the additional view-blocking protection of a Blackout screen.

Blackout shades also provide a darkened room environment for patients who cannot tolerate light following optical surgeries and other procedures that leave eyes sensitive to light.

Dual Solar Shade/Blackout Shade window treatments

Patient room windows can be optimized with Dual Shade systems employing both solar screen shades and blackout privacy shades. Patient needs vary, and equipping every room with both types of light management makes every room versatile.

More information on dual solar and blackout shades