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Oasis® 2700: Patio Shade OR Exterior Window Shade… Which is it?

Insolroll’s Oasis® 2700 can inspire some questions… Is it a patio shade or an exterior window shade? The answer is simple- it’s both! This versatile outdoor solar shade has dual applications, which makes perfects sense when you consider the features, and that form follows function. Like every Oasis® shade product, it’s not JUST about function- it looks great, too!

Oasis® 2700 Basics: Block the Sun, Not the View!

  • Protection from heat, glare, and golf balls
  • Keep the view from your patio or through your windows, even when shades are lowered
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Custom sizing up to 11 feet wide
  • Motorized operation
  • Cable guide fabric system

What do all of those basics add up to? An exterior solar shade for both the outsides of windows and for smaller patio openings that enhances comfort, with quality construction and convenient operation. Simple enough, right?

Oasis® 2700: Looking a Little Closer…

Everything that went into designing a perfect product for the outsides of windows also makes Oasis 2700 perfect for smaller patio applications. Both uses showcase the versatility and design of this patio/exterior window shade.

Exterior Window Shade Applications

How exterior sun shades work

It helps to understand how exterior solar shades work, cutting your cooling costs, protecting your home’s interior, and making your environment more comfortable. Long popular in Europe, exterior solar screens stop the sun before it enters the glass of your windows, reflecting away up to 95% of heat, glare and up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Your interior is cooler, more visually comfortable, and your furnishings and finishes are protected from the fading and degradation caused by UV rays. All of this while maintaining the view!

Since exterior window shades would be difficult to reach and inconvenient if they couldn’t be controlled from inside the house, the Oasis® 2700 system is available motorized for easy, convenient operation. At the touch of a button, the exterior shades lower or retract, from the comfort of the indoors. Unlike window films, the retractable function of Oasis 2700 allows you to take advantage of passive solar heating in the winter by simply retracting the shades. If there is snow on the ground, but the overhead sun is bright, Oasis 2700 can offer snow glare protection, further enhancing your home’s function.

Oasis 2700 Exterior Window Shades make your home more energy-efficient all year long by keeping it cooler during the summer and allow more heat to come in during the winter. There’s no doubt that summer cooling costs are the biggest drain on a home’s energy budget. Oasis 2700 will lower those costs, and the passive solar advantage in the winter makes your home a warmer, more pleasant place to be. Controlling heat and glare while allowing natural light into the home also reduces the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy usage even more.

Patio Applications

Oasis 2700 patio shade keeps patio coolWhen used in a smaller patio application, Oasis 2700 allows a shade to fit more compactly in that smaller opening, with a 4″ aluminum head box. Motorized convenience is always welcome in a patio situation, and here, the 2700 will provide the patio occupants with protection from errant golf balls. Manual operation with a clutch and bead chain system is also available, for simple, smooth operation where the chain can be easily reached.

Features Designed for Both Applications

Oasis® 2700 Exterior Roller Shades Cable Guide
Cable Guide System

Oasis 2700 Patio and Exterior Window Shades are built to last, with design details that make them durable, easy to use, and versatile enough to work in a wide variety of applications.

  • Cable guided fabric system to reduce fabric movement, and allow for perfect detailing on a variety of mounting surfaces.
  • Heavy duty aluminum hem bar with insert for either cable or track guide system
  • Welded (heat sealed) fabric edges to resist fraying and provide a finished appearance
  • 4″ Aluminum head box, in 3 colors: White, Bronze, and Tan (Update, April 2020: We’ve added Black hardware as a standard option.)
  • Wide array of fabric selections, with many color, texture, openness and weave pattern choices to complement your home’s design
  • A full complement of motorization control options, from handheld remote control to tablet or smartphone control, and even home automation system

So there you have it- is Oasis 2700 a patio shade or an exterior window shade? Yes, and it does both jobs efficiently and beautifully!