Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades: Happy Birthday to Insolroll’s Original Patio Shade!

We’ll be back next week with Oasis 2700… this week, Oasis 2800 is celebrating its birthday! In 1986, Insolroll developed our first patio solar shade, which ultimately came to be branded the Oasis® 2800 Patio Shade. Apart from enhancements to the basic system, Oasis 2800 remains much the same today, and there’s good reason for that. We did it right the first time. Top shelf fabrics, hefty hardware, and a choice of guide systems and operators. When you factor in 83 fabric choices with all the other 2800 choices,  there are… wait for it… Oasis® 2800 Patio Shade on deck with pergola 1,548 possible Oasis 2800 shades to choose from. Yes, that’s over 1500 possible configurations, without accounting for custom sizes up to 19 feet wide! What does that really mean for our customers? A patio shade that is not only extremely well made and effective, but also incredibly versatile with an unbelievable number of finishing/detailing options. We can make an Oasis® 2800 patio shade that is the PERFECTLY PERSONALIZED for your own, individual patio.

Oasis® 2800 Patio Shades: the choices that make it so versatile

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics!

Oasis® 2800 Solar Screen Fabric Collection Our fabric selection is extensive, and always up to date with the latest industry innovations. You can not only choose a color, weave pattern and texture that is right for you, you also have choices of fabric densities, or openness. Openness refers to how much of the fabric is open between the yarns, and that determines how much glare protection and view-through you get. We have degrees of openness from 1% to 48%. Color also affects performance and degree of privacy, and combinations of polyester, vinyl and fiberglass in the fabric composition result in fabrics that are designed for outdoor durability.

Motorized and manual patio shade operators


Oasis® 2800 Patio Shade with Hand Crank operator With the Oasis 2800, you can choose from either a manual crank operator or motorized operation. Really, in the motorized category, there are even more choices in terms of control, from simple handheld radio remote control to operating in concert with  your  home automation system. If you take those options into account, our number of possible combinations would have skyrocketed. Whatever you choose, operation is simple and convenient, and you will be happy with your shade for many years to come.

Hardware and fabric guide choices

Oasis® 2800 track or cable guide Oasis 2800 features 3 choices in hardware color: white, bronze and tan, which will allow you to complement your patio or deck’s aesthetic design. Two choices of fabric guide, cable guide or track guide, keep the fabric from blowing around in the wind (moderate wind- in higher winds, your shade should be up!) while making it possible to detail your shade in myriad ways to work best with your particular patio. Track guides can be recessed into pillars and stone columns, or mounted directly on top of wood supports. Cable guides can be mounted directly on top of stonework and on the round surfaces of columns.

Mounting and Recessing

Oasis Patio Shade head box color choices With the addition of the exposed bracket a couple of years ago, Insolroll increased the versatility of “built-in” applications, where the shade is recessed in a pocket above the patio ceiling in a new construction situation. You can also choose a traditional head box mount or even exposed brackets for a more pared-down look in a shade that is not recessed. With our unbeatable quality and choices like these, it’s no wonder that Oasis 2800 has been versatile enough to stay around this long. Happy 28th birthday to Oasis 2800 Patio Shades!