Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shades: Added Function in our Manual Patio Shade

Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shade

Hallelujah! That’s what many of our dealers are saying this spring with our introduction of the Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shade. We’ve heard the requests for quite awhile now, and this patio season we’re introducing our new member in the Oasis® family!

Oasis® 2650 was designed to be a step up from our 2600 Patio Shade. It’s a manual, clutch operated patio shade for openings up to 12 feet wide. Like the 2600, its solar screen fabric provides protection from heat, glare, and golf balls, and enhances privacy. 2650 is compatible with our optional fascia system, which adds a very clean, finished detail to the shade, and is available in white and bronze. The big difference between the 2600 and 2650, though, is the cable guide system.

Oasis® 2650 Cable Guide System

Oasis® 2650 Cable Guide System
Oasis® 2650 Cable Guide System; bronze fascia

The cable guide system on the 2650 Patio Sun Shade is designed to reduce movement of the fabric. Our UV-resistant, nylon coated stainless steel cable runs through the hem bar insert, keeping the fabric from blowing around in a breeze. The cable guide lends a very tidy appearance, both to the shade and the operation process… without some kind of fabric stabilization system, moderate breezes toward the patio would blow the hem bar back into the seating area. Our entry level Oasis® 2600 Patio Sun Shade solves this problem with a bungee hold down system, which must be manually hooked into place when the shade is lowered, and unhooked when the shade is retracted.

The cable guide mount can be attached to either the deck or the wall, and is perfectly suited to many different kinds of patio structures. It’s especially good with round support columns, which can be tricky with other types of fabric guides, and it is visually lightweight, appearing to float, and virtually disappearing into the background. Nice!

Child Safety in Clutch Operated Patio Shade

Metal Select locking chain guide
Metal Select Chain Guide

Child safety is an important consideration in a patio shade- often people think about cord safety in terms of interior window treatments only. Manually operated exterior shades are subject to the ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012 Child Safety Standard just like interior shades, and at Insolroll we’ve met the standard with our exclusive Metal Select locking chain guide system. It’s attractive. It’s durable. It’s got safety features built right in. And it’s metal, so it won’t become brittle and crack due to harsh UV rays. Available in 4 finishes to complement any patio (nickel, white, brown and black), the Metal Select keeps the bead chain from swinging freely, preventing it from forming a loop around a child’s neck. This is a serious chain guide, and you can’t get it anywhere but Insolroll.


Quality, durability and function in an economically priced, custom sized patio shade!


Oasis® 2650 Pull Chain with guide

Oasis® patio shades are built to last, with beefy, durable hardware specific design features to make them last outdoors. Our selection of fabrics is huge, with colors, textures and densities to provide the sun control and visual appearance for every application. Between the premium quality clutch system and the cable guide, Oasis 2650 is a dream to operate, even if your shade is heavy!