Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shades

Patio Sun Shade encloses porch


Enhancing your patio experience is easy with Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shades, our manual solar screen shade system with cable guides for fabric stability. Custom-sized to fit your unique patio, Oasis® 2650 provides protection from heat, glare and golf balls, extending your hours of enjoyment outside!

Patio Sun Shades block the sun, but keep the view!

Oasis 2650 patio sun shade golf course view

Oasis 2650 Sun Shades block the sun and enhance the view!

Solar screen patio shades keep your outdoor space feeling open and airy; look right through to the yard or view beyond while the PVC-coated screen fabric blocks up to 97% of heat and glare.

Many patio and deck designs create a beautiful back yard experience, but often don’t account for the setting sun.  Oasis 2650 Patio Sun Shades roll down effortlessly when you need protection from the hot, bright sun.  Adding a patio sun shade is a simple solution to a daily problem.

Oasis 2650 Patio Sun Shades provide Daytime Privacy or Protection from Golf Balls?

Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shade Southwestern House

Privacy from neighbors is provided with the Oasis 2650 Patio Sun Shade

Daytime privacy is provided patio and deck areas by rolling down your shade.  Oasis Patio Shades are available in a wide range of colors and densities to ensure the right solution for every patio and every problem.

Tough solar screen fabric can hold up to errant golf balls and provide peace of mind for friends and family if you are near the golf course.

You may also interested in golf ball protection for windows.

Design and details make our Patio Shades superior

Oasis® 2650 Patio Sun Shade southwestern patio

The Oasis 2650 Patio Sun Shade is superior in quality

  • Custom sizing up to 12′ wide
  • Wide selection of fabric colors, weaves and densities
  • All fabric edges are welded (heat sealed) to prevent fraying and maintain a clean edge
  • Premium clutch
  • Stainless steel idler locks into bracket
  • PVC-coated stainless steel cable guide for fabric stability
  • Optional fascia system to conceal roller