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How Safe are YOUR Window Shades? Part 1

Child At Windiow

Whether you have children of your own, grandchildren, or even children of the furry kind, this is an issue that is high interest for many. Some people just want to be sure their homes are safe, and to avoid hassles when they sell the home one day. Real estate professionals now warn clients to remove window treatments from a home on the market that are not child safety compliant to avoid culpability after the sale. Making the change now could save you the headache later, and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that every month, one child dies by window cord strangulation and another suffers near strangulation. Anywhere that children are present needs to consider and mitigate the potential hazards of window treatment cords- preschools, private daycare centers, schools and private residences. This should be a top priority for parents and caregivers alike, and we’ve created multiple solutions, for cordless, single pull, clutch operated/continuous loop and motorized shades. At Insolroll, we take child safety very seriously.

Window Sun Shade Cord

The New Safety Standard for Corded Window Treatments

The number one safety concern related to window shades are cords. The window treatment industry has been called upon to be smarter and safer, and to design and sell products that do not present a strangulation hazard. The new child safety standard implemented by a joint effort of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012) went into effect June 1st of this year, but do you know what you need to know?

There are 3 common solutions for making window treatments that go up and down safer, and compliant with the standard: cordless, motorized, and corded shades with integrated safety devices to eliminate the hazard of cord loops. Different situations call for different options- one size definitely doesn’t fit all! Here in installment 1 of our 3 part series, we’ll look at our cordless child safety solution.


Quiet Spring Roller- Cordless for windows within reach

Window Sun Shades In Bed Nook

Insolroll’s Quiet Spring Roller Shade System (QSR) offers cordless manual operation in a very solid, smoothly operating system with user-friendly features like easy-adjust tension and upper limit (or top stop). The function of this shade system is dreamy- completely unlike the old roller shades that were hard to position, hard to adjust, and apt to roll up too far and get stuck at the top of the window behind the roller.

QSR is easy to operate and stop where you want it, and setting your custom upper limit is as simple as the turn of an easy-to-access wheel at the end of the roller. A wheel at the other side of the roller allows easy adjustment of the tension, which controls how fast your shade goes up before it glides to a stop at the upper limit you designate. The fact is, this spring roller shade really works, and is available in a host of smart solar screen fabrics that will make your home both more energy efficient and comfortable, but let you keep the view. If light filtering is what you’re after rather than preserving the view, QSR window shades are also available in decorative translucent fabrics. The selection is rounded out with blackout fabrics that will darken a room and stop light from flowing through the shade.

Child Safety that looks beautiful in your home

Brown Window Sun Shades
Fabric-wrapped, black cassette

When we think of child safe products, we seldom think of things that add beauty to your home, but QSR does just that. In addition to the fabrics themselves, Insolroll’s optional cassette accessory provides an aesthetic, sculpted cover to conceal the fabric and give a tailored appearance. You can choose from white or black, and either of those options can be wrapped in your shade fabric for a beautiful, finished appearance.

Insolroll makes cordless, single pull, clutch-operated with continuous loop and motorized shades that meet the new child safety standard.

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