Child Safety Solutions

Child Safety Solutions

All Insolroll shades are compliant with the new ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2010 standard for corded window covering products!

Clutch-operated Roller Shades with continuous chain loop

Insolroll® Interior Solar Screen, Blackout and Oasis® 2600 clutch operated roller shades with a continuous bead-chain loop are compliant with the American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Treatment Products (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2010) that required manufacturers to be compliant by March 3, 2011.

The new manufacturing safety standard requires that a chain tension device be installed on all continuous loop chain operators and that the tension device shall be designed so when not properly installed will, at least partially, prevent the lift system from moving the window covering through lowering and raising.

Three Compliant Chain Guide styles to choose from

Universal locking chain guide (child-safe tension device)
Metal Select Chain Guide (child-safe tension device)
Spring-tite locking chain guide (child-safe tension device)


Insolroll offers a choice of three compliant tension device  solutions,  Metal Select, Universal and Spring-Tite locking chain guides that meet this new standard today.  These chain tensioner styles will lock onto chain if not properly installed or if it pulls away from the wall preventing full operation of the shade until the mechanism is re-installed to eliminate hazardous cord loop.  All Insolroll shades will 100% compliant with the new ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2010 Safety Standard on or before the the March 3, 2011 deadline.

Insolroll offers complete range of “Cordless” Shades to eliminate any concerns about cord loops and small children.

Safety has always been an important priority for Insolroll.  Insolroll offers “cordless” operating systems; spring rollers, crank & gear shades and motorized shades.

Motorized shades have become more convenient and affordable than ever.  A wide range of motors are available to meet any installation requirement:
* 110 volt AC motors, 24 volt DC motors, and 12 volt Battery motors
* Standard directional motors, radio motors, and intelligent motors

Crank & Gear shades are an excellent way to raise larger shades manually without any cords.  The crank handle is removable to prevent shade operation by small children and allowing restaurants and stores to adjust shade to a preferred level and maintain a uniform look.

Cordless Spring operated shade with adjustable top stop

Spring roller shades are a simple solution for smaller windows.  The Insolroll Cordless Spring shade comes attached to mounting rail and adjusted for easy snap-in installation.  Shades can be adjusted to any height by pulling the hembar up or down.  Adjustable top stop prevents the shade from unraveling if shade roll up too fast.

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