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Residential Solar Shade Style

Draperies Turnberry Penthouse

Some people think solar shades are perfect for “modern decor”. Maybe they’d go so far as “contemporary” (not interchangeable terms!). If you share that opinion, I’d like to try to change your mind…

Energy Efficiency goes with every style

With every day that passes, we become more conscious of energy usage in our homes. Solar panels go up, incandescent light bulbs get switched out for CFLs or LEDs. Weather stripping is applied, smart power strips are investigated. We all want to save energy, and see our electric bills go down. We all want to do our part to leave a smaller footprint… Solar shades in your home are an easy way to bring down cooling costs during the summer,  and have control over the winter sun to allow passive solar warming. Whether your windows are efficient or old and inefficient, solar shades will make a difference. It’s a no brainer, really, when it comes to energy efficiency.

Comfort never goes out of style

Who hasn’t experienced a room that gets uncomfortably hot? Or uncomfortably bright? Glare on a television or computer screen can be both annoying and fatiguing, and calling upon your AC alone to keep a room cool is uncomfortable for your wallet. Solar shades manage the negative effects of the sun in your home, controlling the heat energy of sun coming in the windows as well as the glare of the sun’s light. You even get control of harmful UV rays in the deal, which cause fading and degrading of your furniture/drapes/flooring/finishes.

Solar shades and your aesthetic style

Truth be told, solar screen shades are style chameleons. They have clean, simple lines, and therefore can perfectly complement a minimalist approach, or blend expertly into the background of an ornate, traditional setting. What your’e really doing is controlling sun and improving the view through your window, and this works in every decorating style. Hang with draperies or even dummy panels to add softness and layers. Opt for a Natural Weave fabric for an organic, beachy or British Colonial style. French country? Let light colored, slightly more open fabric play the role of sheers behind sumptuous draperies. Shabby chic? Light colored solar shades diffuse light and add another layer of romance to your room.  Industrial? Let a dark fabric hone the view and make it a centerpiece. The simple form of solar shades combined with the broad range of fabric colors, textures and densities are what make them such a versatile window treatment that works and plays well with other window fashion stars, including cornices, valances and trims.

So don’t get stuck in a rut when you think about solar shades! Think of them as one tool in your belt for increasing your home’s energy efficiency, but also think of them as an opportunity to express your sense of  personal style. Take a look at these rooms!

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white solar shades in bedroom


dark solar shade in country kitchen

dark solar shades in angle top window

white solar shades kitchen

dark solar shades layered with draperies

white solar shades floral daybed

black solar screen shades