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Eclipse Glasses for Today, Solar Shades for Every Day!

Depending on who you are, today might or might not be a big day, but considering that our business is driven by the sun, we’d probably be remiss in not saying a little something about today’s total eclipse of the sun! Now I’m not a scientist, and I don’t even play one on TV, but I do know a couple of things about the sun and solar shades, and there is plenty of overlap in…read the full post

Sierra Solar Screen Fabric for the Win!

Our new Sierra Solar Screen Shade Fabric is a triple winner- economical, effective and beautiful sun control. Solar screen shades are hot, and only continuing to grow as a category, both commercial and residential. And why not? Cutting the sun’s glare and heat, making spaces more visually and thermally comfortable without blocking the view is optimal. You maintain a connection with the outside, with no closed in feeling, lower your cooling costs, protect furniture and…read the full post

SC vs. SHGC- Why is This Solar Screen Shade Value Changing?

  Here at Insolroll, we eat, breathe and sleep solar screen shades, which control the amount of heat and glare that enter your home through the windows. People around here, including me, have been wondering “What’s the deal with SHGC on the fabric sample cards? Why can’t they just put SC on the cards?” (Or truthfully, sometimes, “What the heck is SC/SHGC anyway?“) *sound of tires screeching* Hold everything! What??!! We all know that solar screen…read the full post

Solar Screen Shades: a Piano’s Best Friend!

by Kim Newby for Insolroll Any musicians out there? This one’s for you! Pianos are big. Bulky. Heavy. None of that stops them from being a delicate flower, though, especially in a home environment. My granny always told me “Don’t put your piano agains an outside wall!”, and “put a shot glass of water behind the soundboard for humidity”. I don’t know how well either of these pieces of advice actually work, but the idea…read the full post

Why Insolroll manual clutch-operated solar shades are easy to lift

One of the major considerations in choosing a manual, clutch operated solar shade is how easy it’s going to be to raise it and lower it.  Here at Insolroll, we make sure that your clutch-operated shade is easy to lift with the bead chain in several ways. Why manual Insolroll clutch-operated shades are easy to lift! RollEase Clutches and Lifting Capacity Insolroll uses the industry’s most dependable, reliable and strong clutches- the RSeries from RollEase. We believe this clutch…read the full post

Growing Up Insolroll: Induction into the World of Solar Shades

My induction into the world of Solar Shades As I sit here at my desk, I look back at the years, and am amazed at the steps I have taken to be where I am today. As a photography and marketing assistant for Insolroll Window Shading Systems, Inc., it has been little stepping stones that have transformed me from the little menace, running around with the other employees’ children at company parties, to the young…read the full post

Why Choose Solar Screen Shades?

We at Insolroll like to use the phrase “Block the sun, not the view!”, and yes, view is paramount when it comes to solar shades.  The quality of the view through solar screen shades is unrivaled among window treatments, but that first half of the phrase is equally important! Solar shades block 3 kinds of the sun’s radiation We have sort of a knee jerk negative reaction to the word “radiation”, but in reality, the…read the full post

Solar Screen Shade Glare Control & Daylighting: Retractability Means Versatility

This past week, the weather in Colorado has been wet and rainy… It got me thinking about one of the qualities of solar screen shades that gives them a clear advantage: retractability. Roller shades have a full range of positions on-demand, whether you have manual shades with clutch or spring roller operation, or motorized shades with on-demand user control or even building automation. Static vs. dynamic glare control Static glare control There is always more than…read the full post

Residential Solar Shade Style

Some people think solar shades are perfect for “modern decor”. Maybe they’d go so far as “contemporary” (not interchangeable terms!). If you share that opinion, I’d like to try to change your mind… Energy Efficiency goes with every style With every day that passes, we become more conscious of energy usage in our homes. Solar panels go up, incandescent light bulbs get switched out for CFLs or LEDs. Weather stripping is applied, smart power strips are investigated.…read the full post

Daylighting Made Simple: How EVERYONE Can Benefit From Solar Shades

  Daylighting is nothing new. For centuries, builders all over the globe have known that placing windows on one side of a building versus another made for a far more comfortable home that required fewer resources to keep warm and illuminated. A lot of us may tend to shy away from the science surrounding solar screen shades, after all, the complexities and time requirements of everyday life can leave us with little extra bandwidth. But,…read the full post