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Why Insolroll manual clutch-operated solar shades are easy to lift

Large clutch-operated solar shades in a South Carolina school library are easy to lift.

One of the major considerations in choosing a manual, clutch operated solar shade is how easy it’s going to be to raise it and lower it.  Here at Insolroll, we make sure that your clutch-operated shade is easy to lift with the bead chain in several ways.

solar shade bead chain provides easy lifting and lowering

Why manual Insolroll clutch-operated shades are easy to lift!

RollEase Clutches and Lifting Capacity

Insolroll uses the industry’s most dependable, reliable and strong clutches- the RSeries from RollEase. We believe this clutch sets the standard, and its proven track record spanning over 30 years speaks for itself. We offer 4 different clutches to match lifting capacity to to shade weight and tube size for the best shade appearance and to ensure that Insolroll solar shades are easy to lift. Our shade size to clutch lifting capacity parameters tend to be more conservative that those of other manufacturers, but we believe that allows us to produce a better, more reliable product for our customers. Insolroll clutch-operated shades are ideal for handling commercial applications or large weights.

Key features and benefits:

  • RollEase’s multi-spring design for easy pull makes even heavy shades feel light
  • With manufacturing tolerances within .004″, clutch will never need adjusting
  • Locking end plug bracket feature keeps shade secure and prevents slipping
  • Fiberglass-reinforced resin PBT housing ensures trouble-free performance
  • American-made clutches, not imported knock-offs

Always consider the user for the best operator solution!

Sometimes,individual health limitations call for extra care in determining a shade operator. In some instances, an elective clutch size upgrade can be the answer, making the load lighter for the user. If the shade is in an environment with children, or even pets, it may be that a cordless or single cord pull option really is best, which could include an operator like our Quiet Spring Roller (QSR). QSR is cordless for windows within reach, or features a single cord pull for hard to reach shades. If gripping a bead chain is difficult for a person, motorization may be the best answer. The ultimate in ease and convenience, motorized shade operators eliminate cords altogether, and operate at the touch of a button or even automatically.

No matter what your needs are, Insolroll offers a shade operator to meet them perfectly.