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Child-Safe Window Treatments: October and Beyond

I am cute. I am cuddly. I am going to grow. And walk. And climb. And reach for everything I see. Even when you’re near, or you look away for a second, or pass from one room to another. Or when you are in the kitchen and I’m just in the connected living room playing. Even when you’re concentrating on making dinner, or changing my sibling’s diaper. Or when the phone or doorbell rings. Or…read the full post

Why Insolroll manual clutch-operated solar shades are easy to lift

One of the major considerations in choosing a manual, clutch operated solar shade is how easy it’s going to be to raise it and lower it.  Here at Insolroll, we make sure that your clutch-operated shade is easy to lift with the bead chain in several ways. Why manual Insolroll clutch-operated shades are easy to lift! RollEase Clutches and Lifting Capacity Insolroll uses the industry’s most dependable, reliable and strong clutches- the RSeries from RollEase. We believe this clutch…read the full post

Child Safety in Roller Shades: Insolroll Raises the Bar

  Insolroll, Inc. has created durable child safety roller shade solutions that are compliant with the new American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products (ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012). Insolroll provides cord-free, single cord pull, continuous bead chain pull roller shades that meet and exceed new standard implemented by a joint effort of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Insolroll Metal Select locking chain guide for bead chain loops sets the…read the full post