UL Listed Motorized Solar Shade Systems: Meet Codes, Less Hassle!


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If the prospect of meeting local building codes with a motorized shading systems you’re installing in a home or business seems daunting, you’re not alone.

Meeting local building codes and passing inspection can be a headache. If you’ve never run into a problem passing inspection, you’re fortunate, but most people aren’t so lucky. Many municipalities require UL Listed systems, and some inspectors will refuse to accept the motorized shades you’re installing.

FACT: Most competitive solar screen and blackout 110 V AC motorized shade products on the market today are fabricated from UL Recognized components, and do not meet UL Listed Standards.

Insolroll has the answer; we’ve developed an entire line of UL Listed motorized solar shade systems, featuring all of our most popular motor choices. Through a lengthy process, we’ve made product upgrades to typical UL Recognized Somfy Motors, and have engineered the resulting shading systems to meet or exceed the most stringent level of electrical codes required by UL standard. That’s what it takes to earn UL Listing, and that makes us unique in the industry. You’ll never end up in a situation with an unacceptable UL Recognized-only product on your hands.

What’s the difference between UL Recognized and UL Listed, anyway?

Everybody’s got UL Recognized Motors that have met the requirements for UL Recognized status. By itself, that’s a good thing, but it doesn’t say anything about the rest of the components of the shade system, and more importantly, how safely they function together as a system. A UL Recognized motor in combination with inferior or simply poorly matched components can still present a shock or fire hazard, and that’s why so many areas are upgrading their code requirements to UL Listed. Also, using UL Recognized parts doesn’t say anything about the quality of the production of the product, while a UL Listed product has been tested and proven to be well and safely manufactured.

UL Listing starts out with a higher standard to begin with, for motors as well as other components. These must be engineered, tested, certified, labeled and subject to ongoing monitoring and quality testing to maintain UL Listed status. This level of scrutiny applies to both components and the entire system, assuring the highest standard of electrical and fire safety possible today.

The Bottom Line Is: 

UL Listed Products- Fully tested by UL to meet or exceed the highest level electrical standard

UL Recognized Product: A single component from the finished product has been tested and met or exceeded a less stringent electrical standard

(From UL.com Terminology FAQ:)

 Q: If we are using all UL Recognized Components, does our product automatically become UL Listed?

A: A UL evaluation of a complete product to the applicable UL Standard is needed to determine how these components function as a system in your end product. The use of Recognized Components reduces the complexity of the evaluation…

Don’t get caught without your official UL Listed Mark! Look for it on Insolroll® UL Listed Shading Systems.