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Shade Motor Technology

Insolroll motorized solar shades city view

Why Choose Motorized Shades from Insolroll?

tubular motor inside roller shade

Insolroll utilizes a wide selection of tubular motors that are mounted and hidden from view inside the roller tube. Tubular motors were invented in 1959 and have become the standard motorized operating systems for window treatments, awnings, rolling shutters, and projection screens throughout the world.

Insolroll offers motor options for every application:

  • 110 V AC motors
  • 24 V DC motors
  • Somfy battery motors
  • QMotion battery motors

Quiet Motorization Technology

  • Insolroll Quiet Motors (IQM) for interior and exterior use, with the lifting capacity necessary for larger, heavier shades
  • Insolroll Ultra Quiet Motors (IUQ) virtually eliminate motor and mechanical noise
  • Insolroll’s Ultra Quiet spring-loaded idler further reduces mechanical noise

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UL-Listed Complete Motorized Shade System

Most shades in the industry are made up of UL-Recognized components, and other parts that are not tested with the shade. “UL-Listed” status is the Underwriters’ Laboratories most rigorous safety standard and testing. To earn the UL-Listed mark, we upgraded a number of our motors and shade components to meet that higher standard. We sell the only shade that has met the Underwriters’ Laboratories “Listed” safety standard, and bears the UL-Listed mark.

  • All parts of the shade system have been tested together to meet the standard
  • UL-Listed mark shows inspectors and homeowners at a glance that all parts of the shade together meet the “Listed” standard

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Original Somfy AC or DC hard-wired directional motors provide durability and reliability

 Somfy motor

The original tubular motor design is still widely used today due to reliability and cost advantages. These motors were designed with a brake system to eliminate shades from slipping, internal limit switches for setting the upper limit of shade when raised and lower limit when shades are down, and thermal overload system to prevent the motor from failing if they get too hot.

They require wired switch legs, relays to isolate each motor and 3 position switches.

Recommended for group control applications in new construction projects.


Battery Powered Motors

Where wiring is difficult or impossible, Insolroll offers 2 battery motor options.

QMotion Battery Motors

replacing batteries in qmotion shade
Battery and control technology inside the roller tube for a streamlined look and cordless convenience.


  • Sizes up to 118″ wide by 120″ high
  • Small light gaps of 1/2″ each side
  • Easy-to-replace alkaline D-cell batteries
  • Manual override operation when the remote isn’t in reach

Control Options

  • Gen 3 Radio Protocol Control
    • Simple, one-way control switching
    • Control individual shades or groups of shades
  • Zigbee self-healing mesh network with 2-way feedback
    • Native connection with Amazon Echo for voice control
    • Native connection with Control 4 automation platform
    • ZigBee Radio Protocol Control

Battery operated roller shade


Somfy Battery Motors


Insolroll’s recently upgraded BAT-R motor by Somfy features smooth soft start and stop, adjustable speed control, and LED low battery indicator. Somfy has been the world leader in shade motorization for almost 50 years, and offers versatile solutions for new or retrofit applications.

FeaturesInsolroll roller shade battery motor concealed wand

  • Maximum width of 96″ at 72″
  • Maximum height of 108″ at 84″
  • Compatible with all Somfy radio controls

Wand Options

  • Replaceable batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Solar-powered with rechargeable batteries

Control Options

  • Handheld remote
  • Wall mounted switch
  • Somfy myLink® App based control for smartphone or tablet
  • 3rd party home automation system

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How Does It Work?

Insolroll Battery shade motor solar option

The solar (photovoltaic panel is simply mounted on the inside of the window opening, and converts the sun’s light into electrical energy. The harnessed electrical energy is stored within a specialized Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-H) battery which powers Insolroll BAT-R motorized window shades. This system is maintenance-free, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable lithium batteries. If your application does not get enough sunlight to fully charge the batteries, they can be recharged via a plug-in charger if needed.

Radio motor switching technology

Radio transmitterRecent advances in motor and switching technology have led to the development of motors with built-in switching technology.

Radio motors are the most popular option due the ease of wiring a motorized project and the array of transmitter, switch, timers, and automatic controls available.

Learn more about radio motor controls options.

Intelligent motors with advanced control capability

motor technology

Roller shade motors are now available with motor controllers built into the head of the motor. Intelligent motors are ideal for large building automation projects and home automation.

  • Allows for programming flexibility
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party lighting and building automation controls
  • 2-way feedback to advanced control systems
  • Connected by a bus-line communication system.

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