Insolroll Motorized Solar Shades Meet UL Listed Standards

Insolroll’s Motorized Solar Shade Systems have achieved a UL listing designation. The designation “UL Listed” certifies that the final assembled shade product meets rigorous electrical safety standards and the complete system has been approved by the UnderWriters Laboratory.

Underwriters Labratory“We are proud to have our shades UL Listed as it distinguishes them from the other motorized solar shade products available in the market”, says Rick Pease, co-owner at Insolroll. “The UL Listing makes it easier for Architects and Designers to specify safe and reliable 110 volt AC motorized solar shade and blackout shade systems for projects.”

This UL Listing of a complete motorized shade system is unique in the window treatment industry. UL may recognize a single component or List complete systems that meet stringent electrical codes. UL Listing requires certification, inspection and labeling to the UL standard. Prior to this, fabricators have been assembling various parts (some of which may be UL recognized components), but not assembling a complete product that meets UL Listed standards for safety.

All interior motorized Insolroll Solar Screen Shades and Blackout Shades utilizing our best selling 110 V AC Motors (Model #’s STD-AC, STD-ACR, STD-ILT, IQM-AC, IQM-ACR and IQM-ILT-AC) will be made following the stringent UL Listing Standards and labeled with a UL Listed label. This will allow electrical inspectors to quickly see that these Insolroll Shades meet local building codes and the highest standard for electrical safety available.