Solar Shades: Can you see the TV set?! Optimize your Super Bowl experience!

You’ve got your popcorn. You’ve got your team (*Bronco*) colors on. You’ve got your flatscreen, and your comfy chair, and maybe some great friends to enjoy the game with. You’re all set for the pre-game show, and the brand new commercials that will accompany the game… you know the best ones come early!

But can you see the TV set? It sounds silly, but for many of us around the country, the game starts when the sun is ready to shoot in through west-facing windows. If you live in the Pacific time zone, the game starts at 3:30, and you’ve got plenty of sun to deal with before it dips below the horizon. Here in the Bronco Homeland, we will get the sun’s last, laser-hurrah before the mountains block it, and pre-game? Fuggedaboutit. You know what it looks like on your TV, too- a grayed-out, glare compromised screen. You move your head, change your seat, squint your eyes, to no avail. So just close the window treatments, right? You can do that, but it will change the atmosphere immediately, making your festive viewing area into a cave. Now a man cave is one thing, but for a Super Bowl party, not exactly what you’re shooting for.

Solar Screen Shades: Super Bowl Super Hero

Bronco colors sunset
Sunset in Broncoland

Solar shades can not only solve the glare problem, but do it in a way that is pleasant and practically perfect! Just cut the glare, making your TV’s picture the best it can be, with bright, true colors, and keep the view and connection to the outside. Keep the sense of openness, and (between plays), watch the light fade, and the sky turn from blue to purple to black. If you’re lucky, the sky may even put on a show featuring your team colors! Well…Seattle fans may have a little trouble with that…