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Why Choose Solar Screen Shades?

We at Insolroll like to use the phrase “Block the sun, not the view!”, and yes, view is paramount when it comes to solar shades.  The quality of the view through solar screen shades is unrivaled among window treatments, but that first half of the phrase is equally important! Solar shades block 3 kinds of the sun’s radiation We have sort of a knee jerk negative reaction to the word “radiation”, but in reality, the…read the full post

Solar Screen Shade Glare Control & Daylighting: Retractability Means Versatility

This past week, the weather in Colorado has been wet and rainy… It got me thinking about one of the qualities of solar screen shades that gives them a clear advantage: retractability. Roller shades have a full range of positions on-demand, whether you have manual shades with clutch or spring roller operation, or motorized shades with on-demand user control or even building automation. Static vs. dynamic glare control Static glare control There is always more than…read the full post

Solar Shades: Can you see the TV set?! Optimize your Super Bowl experience!

You’ve got your popcorn. You’ve got your team (*Bronco*) colors on. You’ve got your flatscreen, and your comfy chair, and maybe some great friends to enjoy the game with. You’re all set for the pre-game show, and the brand new commercials that will accompany the game… you know the best ones come early! But can you see the TV set? It sounds silly, but for many of us around the country, the game starts when…read the full post