New Fabrics and Fresh Looks Elevate Insolroll Roller Shades

Do you love fabric?

Many people initially get into the window treatments business because of their love of and connection to fabric. These days, there are so many things that window shades can do in terms of motorization and automation, setting scenes and schedules, and even voice control… It’s all very exciting, and yes, we’re excited about those things too! But when it comes to window treatments, it always comes back to fabric. Colors. Textures. Opacities. Performance. Fabric is the sexy part of shades. Yes, I said it. You can get a shade that has all the control bells and whistles, but if it’s not a fabric that makes you happy (or even swoon!), or somehow completes the design of your room… well, it’s kind of meaningless. 

At Insolroll, our philosophy is fabric curation. We search out and test solar shade fabrics and decorative fabrics that meet our strict standards, to build collections that offer what customers are really looking for. Winners, not fillers to wade through, that have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they make gorgeous shades that roll and hang beautifully. All this without sacrificing breadth and selection- we offer 5 fabric opacities, in a total of 85 interior fabric styles in 361 unique colors and patterns. This year, 8 new fabrics made the cut, and are being added to Insolroll’s Solar and Decorative programs, as well as new colors in 2 of our most popular solar fabrics. Beautiful, textured, indulgent, compelling fabrics that deserved a place in our curated collections.

New Insolroll Elements® Decorative Fabrics

Latitudes semi-sheer fabricAn early favorite among Insolroll personnel is Latitudes Semi-sheer, in 3 colors. Latitudes features alternating bands of flat, twisted yarns and sheer fabric that somehow mingles uptown and organic natural. In a word, it’s swoonworthy, and my favorite thing about it is the very subtle sheen. With a can light washing down the front, or a table lamp close by, this fabric will produce a gentle reflection of light that will enhance any room. Ann Rutledge, our Southeast Regional Sales Manager, loves Latitudes, and our production manager bought shades made with the Marble color the instant the fabric became available. 100% Polyester/110″ wide/Filtered light/Limited view-through

Strand semi-sheer fabricStrand semi-sheer fabric is the favorite of Harvey Benas, our Northwest Regional Sales Manager. The color Beach Cove’s twisted, variegated threads of charcoal, henna, pewter, caramel and straw produce a rich, tapestry effect that is a designer’s dream for pulling together multiple elements in a room. The Picket Fence and Silver Sand colors are more tone-on-tone, but both have that same lovely balance resulting from hints of both warm and cool colors twisted into the primary yarn. Can I say swoonworthy again? 100% Polyester/110″ Wide/Filtered Light/Limited view-through

Playa Translucent fabric in 3 colorsPlaya Translucent has a beautiful, classic linen texture with a matte finish and 4 nature-inspired color patterns. Magnolia is all about classic white, and will provide a beautiful, pure filtered light. Aspen Bark’s shades of taupe-y grey and clean white will be a huge hit in today’s warming grey color schemes. 100% Polyester/108″ Wide/ Filtered light/ Little to no view-through

Coast Translucent fabric in 4 colorsEasygoing, quiet, warm neutrals make Coast Translucent a winner. Coast’s gentle slubbing creates a very organic looking texture in 4 on-trend colors, allowing it to blend harmoniously with the rest of your room’s design elements. Use it to add another layer of subtle texture to increase the coziness and warmth of a room, with understated elegance. 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton/110″ wide/ Filtered light/Little to no view-through

Barrington BlackoutBarrington Blackout will bring warmth and solace, with its fine-textured, tailored look and colors that will remind you of your most luxurious, soft sweater. My favorite color is Granite, with a natural, pale oatmeal background and a very fine dark, horizontal thread. Its refined grace and truly neutral tones will bring balance and comfort to almost any design- warm or cool colors, organic and natural or stylized and chic. 88% Polyester, 12% Nylon/110″ Wide/Opaque/ No view-through 

Mineral BlackoutMineral Blackout’s soft, horizontal texture and subtle sheen make it Ann Rutledge’s favorite blackout. Mineral has a very high-end, designer look, in 4 sophisticated colors that each add their own spin to the fabric’s texture. Dove grey has the most organic looking texture, while Birch is most noticeably ribbed and horizontal, with Concrete somewhere in between. Pyrite, the one color with black vertical threads, almost looks like a different fabric, and will lend a bit of drama to any room. 100% Polyester with Acrylic Backing/118″ Wide/Opaque/No view-through

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New Insolroll® Solar Shade Program Fabrics


Sierra solar fabric- new 1% openSierra solar screen fabric is Insolroll’s value-priced solar fabric, with all the benefits of solar screen performance at a price that can be the deciding factor in a solar application where the budget is tight. Until now, it’s been available in 3% and 5% openness, but in response to demand, we’ve added 1% openness Sierra this year. Sierra in 1% open screen is a slightly tighter weave than most 1% solar screens, which means it offers more privacy, and in lighter colors, more sun protection. This enhanced level of daytime privacy make Sierra 1% a perfect choice for apartment buildings and condos, where higher density living means closer neighbors. For commercial applications, Sierra 1% offers an effective solution for communal work spaces and interior-facing office or conference room windows. In addition to the 1% option, we’ve also added a new color, Black/Dark Grey to the Sierra lineup. With excellent glare control and view through, we believe stylish Black/Dark Grey Sierra will be very popular. 24% Polyester/76% PVC, 118″ wide/Fire Rated/Antimicrobial/GreenGuard Gold/Solar Screen Fabric/Good to excellent view-through- varies by color

Cambric Semi-sheer fabricWe’re excited about our new semi-sheer fabric in the Insolroll Solar Shades program, Cambric Semi-sheer. With NFPA 701 and California U.S. Title 19 Fire Ratings, as well as GreenGuard Gold certification and antimicrobial properties, Cambric will meet the requirements of hotels, offices, and more commercial applications. Its privacy level will also make it a go-to choice for apartment buildings and other multi-unit dwellings. Cambric has a much more sophisticated feel than most commercial window shade fabrics, with a classic linen pattern face and a soft feel; it’s available in 5 neutral colors for every décor. 100% polyester, 118″ wide/Light filtering/Limited view-through

Natural Weave Linen solar screen fabric- 3 new colors graysNatural Weave Linen solar screen fabric has been well-loved for many years, and this year, we’ve added 3 fresh, new colors to our repertoire, Pearl, Taupe and Clay. These colors have a washed look, with texture created by lighter and darker yarns as well as an updated, slubbed linen texture that is a bit finer and smoother than the other colors. The new colors are also slightly more open, with Pearl at 5% openness and Taupe and Clay at 7% openness. The texture is beautiful, but the colors are what is going to make this fabric a hit- versatile enough for a wide variety of styles, from farmhouse to industrial. All this with solar performance make these new Natural Weave Linen choices smart and stylish. 28% Polyester/72% Vinyl on Polyester/ 98″ wide/Fire Rated/Antimicrobial/GreenGuard Gold/Solar Screen Fabric/Good to excellent view-through

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This year’s new fabric additions are really something special, meeting both style demands and functional needs. I’ve been looking forward to new shades in my foyer for some time now, and I’ve got my eye on Latitudes and Playa. Which to choose? That’s definitely the hardest part- choosing- because Insolroll has taken care of everything else, and you can count on any choice for its quality, durability, function and beauty. Call us today for a dealer near you and get started with new shades in a fabric you really do love.