Guest Blog: Mr. Murphy’s Law Visits Motorization Training, by Matt Dugger

Matt Motor photo

Editor’s Note: According to Matt Dugger, our guest blogger today and Insolroll’s Central Regional Sales Manager, something funny happened during last week’s Dealer Training Seminar…

Murphy’s law is typically stated as: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

When you are in a training session explaining motorization and programming, everything is suppose to flow effortlessly right…? Wrong!  During training we typically hear “Why does it always work in a training?  When I’m in the field Murphy’s Law always comes in to play!”  Well, this time Murphy decided to pay us a visit in the middle of programming an IQM-DCR  (Insolroll 24 v DC “Quiet” Radio Motor).  I do not recall inviting Mr. Murphy to training either…

Mr. Murphy helps us practice troubleshooting

Charles and I were explaining the sequence of adding a radio motor to a 5 channel remote.  We unplugged the IQM-DCR  motor to isolate the other motor that we were working on.  When we plugged it back in….nothing!  Hello, Mr. Murphy, nice of you to join us.  I checked to make sure that we are plugged in to the wall… yes… still nothing.  We then checked to insure that our wire nuts are secured…bingo! One had become disconnected. This followed with an explanation to the class that it is always important to methodically eliminate what the issues could be. Wire nuts fixed and ….Nothing!  Well, Mr. Murphy, I thought that you had left the building. 

We then posited that motors do not typically just stop working for no reason, and there is typically something that has changed,  i.e. unplugging to do programming.  I then checked the plug at the motor, and lo and behold, it was partially unplugged!  As soon as the plug was properly seated, everything worked properly, and Mr. Murphy was escorted off site. In the end we were able to have a nice discussion about isolating the issues and trouble shooting.

One of our jobs in the Dealer Training Seminar is to help our dealers troubleshoot. How nice of Mr. Murphy to show up and help us out with this lesson!