The Dynamic Dual: Dual Shades are Insolroll’s Complete Light Management Solution



Some rooms are mild mannered, with a clearly outlined function and needs. But other rooms have to work hard, accommodating a variety of uses and activities, sometimes all in a matter of minutes. You’ll find them in many commercial settings, handling high tech activities and media viewing, all kinds of performances, even display of delicate items and more. Insolroll’s Dual Shade system was designed for rooms like this, getting multiple light management needs handled with a team of functional, hardworking fabrics.

Rooms that need two levels of light management

As buildings become more “green”, their architecture and space planning reflect multiple use spaces more and more. Energy usage is more efficient when we don’t need separate rooms for different activities, and less space and resources are required

How dual shades get the job done

Hotel Suite Dual Roller Shades
Dual Blackout and Solar Screen Shades in a hotel suite can be adjusted to many combinations of levels, allowing the degree of room darkening and view an individual user chooses.

In the same window treatment, two fabrics are housed. Usually, the combination is solar screen for heat and glare management, and basic comfort, and blackout fabric for room darkening and/or privacy. You could certainly have solar screen and a translucent fabric if room darkening is not needed. Dual shades lessen the need for artificial lighting in spaces where media viewing happens, allowing daylighting in a room that might otherwise have been built without windows. The same is true of performance areas, where stage lighting can be hampered by too much ambient light in the room.

An office designed with large windows can have solar shades down when ordinary activities are happening, the switch to blackout shades when a presentation happens. A medical exam room can have solar shades down to cut glare and maintain a beneficial connection to the outdoors, then switch to blackout shades for patient privacy on demand.

Dual shades allow on demand daylighting and room darkening- that’s what makes them the window treatment for today’s hard working rooms.

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