Spring Dealer Training: Mojave, Motors & More

When it Comes to Dealer Training, Our Sales Team Makes the Difference

Earl & Harvey at a recent show

One of the guiding principles Rick Pease and Dave Friedlander use to steer Insolroll’s boat is people. Rick and Dave believe in building a foundation with the most experienced, knowledgeable and best performing people they can get, and that’s what you see when you come to a Dealer Training Seminar here in Colorado. Our Sales Team, made up of Earl Cornelius, Lisa Abeyta, Harvey Benas, Matt Dugger and Ann Rutledge have created an experience for our dealers that packs in education, expertise and an opportunity for dealers to ask questions to increase their understanding and ultimately, their profit opportunities.

Be Our Guest!

If you decide to come to a Dealer Training Seminar here at our offices, you’ll not only learn plenty about our products and service, you’ll be treated like honored guests. We provide complementary lodging at a nearby hotel for one night, and all of your meals during the seminar, including a nice dinner out where you can interact with other dealers from around the country. And snacks. Did I mention snacks? At dinner, we talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere, compare ideas and tips, network and make contacts that may prove helpful in your professional life. You will meet dealers like you, and dealers from very different specialty areas of the industry (like technology and integration, office supply industry, or energy audit businesses, for instance), with a range of experience levels from those just starting out to knowledgeable veterans. We have a beautiful training facility, with every type of shade and operating system set up, as well as technology that you can experience in person. On top of all that, we’ll treat you to a tour of our manufacturing facility, so you can see it all in action firsthand.

Increase Your Knowledge

Matt Talks Motors- It’s really Show and Tell combined with Q & A

Our Sales Team, along with Customer Service, address topics that will give you meaningful information and instruction that will apply to real-life sales and install situations. Each topic is presented by a sales or customer service person who has exceptional knowledge on that subject, and will answer questions posed by the group. The topics we cover include:

  • Product Overview
  • Oasis® Exterior Solar Shades
  • Fabrics and Performance
  • Motorization, Controls & Automation
  • Accessories & Detailing
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Ordering
  • Dealer Resource Center (PIC)
  • and more!

Meeting Individual Needs and Networking

While we do cover a planned range of topics, every Dealer Training Seminar is unique, based on the needs and interests of the attendees and the topics they bring to the table. It’s a great opportunity to interact with a whole spectrum of types of dealers, learn how other people sell the product, and get tips on a wide range of topics, from installs to integration.

So if you haven’t been our guest for a Dealer Training Seminar here at our factory, give it some thought. You’ll walk away with more than you brought with you, have a good time, enjoy the Colorado scenery, and meet some of the best people in the world. You can even tack a day or two of your own personal time to do some Colorado skiing or sightseeing.

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