January: The Return of Light (and increasing glare!)

A lot of people around here at Insolroll headquarters REALLY look forward to the passage of the winter solstice and the return of longer days! Our National Sales Manager, Earl Cornelius, follows the time the sun will set each day, and how much more light we have than we had the week before. It feels good as the days begin to lengthen again, but even in the winter, we have sun glare to deal with. Here at Insolroll, we specialize in glare control and decreasing winter’s unique glare problems with solar screen shades.

Lower sun angles

Sun Angles In Winter & Summer

The angle of the sun is considerably lower all winter long, between the winter and summer solstices. This means that during the winter months, the sun may have a direct line through your windows, possibly causing more glare than you experience in the summer. Lowering solar shades during the day can make your home or work environment so much more visually comfortable, whether you are reading a book, writing a report or watching the Sunday football game.

Calculate your own sun angles if you want to see what the difference is in your area, courtesy of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Lack of Leaves

Tree With No Leaves Causes Glare

You may not have considered this, but bare wintertime trees also contribute to greater glare during the season. Areas that might be shaded by foliage during warmer months will now let sun directly through your windows. It’s great for passive solar warming of your home, but it can be uncomfortable for the eyes, and needs to be addressed.  

Snow Glare

Bright Snow Glare

There’s a reason the term “snow blindness” was coined… snow amplifies glare tremendously. Even indoors, snow glare can make a room too bright, unpleasant, and washed out visually. This bright whiteness is even more uncomfortable than the deceiving glare of the light diffused by high clouds on an overcast day, and it bounces around off the snow and other surfaces right through your windows. We know very well here in Colorado that the view of high peaks covered in snow against a bright blue sky is awe-inspiring, but without controlling glare, you are likely to miss it.

Stop the Glare But Keep the View!

View Through Solar Screen Shades
Look at the glare below the shades… here, black solar screen shades control the glare, making this dining room a comfortable place even on the brightest day.

Years ago, you might have drawn the drapes, and been left closed off and with no view through the glass (I have memories of my grandmother wearing sunglasses in the house). Or adjusted the louvers of blinds to make the room more comfortable, but were still left with an impaired view. Today, Insolroll brings you options in solar screen shades. Woven, mesh fabric stops much of the light from passing through, yet provides a comfortable and pleasant amount of light into the room, allowing inhabitants to see through the shade to the view beyond. Varying degrees of weave openness allow for more or less light to be stopped, depending on the needs of your particular application, and fabric color also determines the amount of light allowed to pass through. Learn more about how solar screen shades work.

You don’t have to live with an uncomfortably bright space, and you don’t have to live in a cave with your blinds drawn all winter! Let Insolroll show you how to make your home a comfortable personal sanctuary!