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Solar Screen Shades Create Ambiance and Comfort at Jax Fish House

Last week, we had the pleasure of photographing Jax Fish House in Glendale, Colorado. From the seashells, to the fish tank, what an outstanding atmosphere.


To add to the ambiance, the entire west wall was covered with Insolroll solar screen shades. The dark tones of the solar screens did a fantastic job of keeping out harsh  sunlight, which coupled nicely with the cool, underwater feeling set for the inside of the restaurant. In addition to setting mood for this fish house on the Front Range, Insolroll solar screens serve very economical and practical purposes for any restaurant setting. During the summer months, temperatures in the Denver area are notoriously high and Insolroll solar shades can do an incredible job to reduce cooling costs while still maintaining that sleek, elegant look. On the inverse side of the year, however, glare from snow reflection can easily ruin a customer’s restaurant experience if gone unchecked. With one simple press of a wall switch or handheld remote, what was once a potentially major issue in the food industry is reduced to nothing less than a positive experience for restaurant goers.

Solar Screen Shades- restaurant window treatment of choice

Solar screen shades are an ideal application for restaurants because they enable every seat in a dining area to be comfortable for patrons at anytime of the day. besides reducing sun glare, solar shades create ambiance while preserving the view and protect interiors from sun bleaching.