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Recycled Solar Screen Shade Fabric Available for Commercial Projects

Insolroll Window Shading Systems is proud to introduce SheerWeave Infinity2, the ultimate green shading fabric.  The amazing Infinty2 fabric has the look of a traditional basketweave solar screen shade fabric and is made with 100% recycled content and 100% recyclable with the industry’s most aggressive and active recycle program.  This fabric is available for commercial projects demanding recycled solar screen shades.Insolroll's SheerWeave Infinity2 Solar Screen Shade Fabric

SheerWeave Infinity2, manufactured solely by Phifer Incorporated for the purpose of solar protection as an interior window treatment, is produced from a combination of TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) core yarn and TPO coating. This unique composition eliminates the need to separate the core yarn from the coating for a short recycle stream ensuring sustainability. Infinity may be entered back into the raw material supply chain through existing methods and practices. Due to the products design and chemical integrity, Infinity2’s TPO is not compromised during the recycle process and is therefore capable of full restoration for the production of TPO components suitable for shade cloth andother high-quality materials.

Infinity originates from a design of safe and non-toxic ingredients that are produced from 100% post-industrial waste by-product. Lead and heavy metal free, every component of this TPO compound is heat and chemically stable. All efforts to collect production waste within our manufacturing processes, as well as the collection of fabrication scrap and fabric ready for disposal from the market place, are processed and audited to ensure compliance with Phifer’s ISO 9001 certification. The environmental safety of Infinity’s chemical emissions is certified by the GREENGUARD Institute for Indoor Air Quality.