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High Performance Solar Screen- Beat the Heat and Get in the Silver Sweet Spot!

Hot enough out there for you? Get in the Silver Sweet Spot! Insolroll’s high performance, silver backed fabrics change the whole equation when it comes to fabric color and performance. Conventional solar screen fabrics have some predictable performance characteristics- if you look at the chart above, you’ll see that typical light colored screens perform well at keeping a room cooler, with a lower shading coefficient overall, but they also fall to the right on the…read the full post

Growth in Green Building is Good News for Insolroll… AND the planet

Solar Screen Shades and Building Automation are a Profit Team Our dealers can expect to see more solar screen shades and more specifically “green” fabrics being specified. There is greater interest with each year in designing and retrofitting commercial and residential buildings to use less energy, with cooling costs topping the list of areas for improvement. Our high performance fabrics offer the best heat reduction available today, and we make it a point to stay…read the full post

The “Other Solar”: Solar Shades, Energy, and “Going Solar”

Recently hubby and I met with someone in our home to discuss “going solar”. There was much discussion about the benefits of “going solar”… for our wallets, for the community, and for the environment. Clean, renewable energy. Shrinking our carbon footprint. Maintaining a more efficient household, thereby saving money and resources. Being part of the Insolroll family, it’s become second nature for me to think about the energy efficiency of solar screen shades, and the…read the full post

Solar Screen Shades: ‘Green’ Solution for Commercial Window Treatments

Solar screen shades are a popular solution for commercial window covering projects. The ability to have the shades down to provide glare control while maintaining “view through” to keep the inside spaces connected with the outdoor environment is truly unique. Performance issues are often overlooked by designers focused only on specifying PVC-free or recyclable products. Although there are many ways to interpret what is Green, making sure that window treatments meet or exceed necessary performance…read the full post