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Some thoughts from Ann…


Dear dealers,

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in the industry 30 years, with Insolroll for 17, and a regional sales manager for 9! I’ve enjoyed my job and my colleagues at Insolroll, and I’ve loved traveling to get to meet you all over the years. I want your transition to your new Southern Regional Sales Manager to be as smooth as easy as possible. Her name is Christine Barnett, and you will all be in good hands!

Insolroll is a fabulous company with dedicated employees who truly care about our dealers and their success, and Christine will follow in that model. She’s excited to meet you and get down to the business of helping you sell more Insolroll shades and build your bottom line. We’re all different in our own ways, and yes she will do plenty of things differently than me, but you’re going to love her.  I wish you a strong partnership with both Insolroll and Christine!




Before she can get out the door, we wanted to ask Ann a few questions about her time at Insolroll. Here’s what she said:

What did you enjoy most about your work at Insolroll? Meeting so many wonderful dealers! I’ve loved helping to educate them on the Insolroll product line and grow their businesses, and have developed so many relationships with them.

What products are you excited about for the future? I wouldn’t be lying to say that I’m excited about all Insolroll products for the future! We are in a business that will only grow in importance as consumers seek to make homes more energy efficient. That said, I’ve been very impressed with the Insolroll Elements® Collection because those decorative fabrics bring another dimension and look to a customer’s home. I love the textures and opacity choices!
Any reflections on changes in the industry during your 30 year career? It’s incredible how much change has happened… When I started, people didn’t know what a solar shade was, but now they are mainstream and very much in demand. Your customers want to be more energy efficient, and Insolroll Solar Shades are a smart way to do that. We now focus on child safety, where not too many years ago, dangling cords were on every window treatment, and were dangerous for children. It’s certainly changed how we look at all window coverings.
Also, it’s been amazing how outdoor living has exploded across the country. I’ve enjoyed helping you help your customers create their own personal oasis right at home, and I know that there will be more innovation from Insolroll in the Oasis product line.
Any advice for your dealers? Ask questions about new products to find out how they can either fit into your business or expand your profitability. If your’e not selling motorized, let us help you get more comfortable with it – it’s easier than you think to get started. Also, consumers want more decorative options, so look more closely at our Insolroll Elements® fabric collection! Understand which fabric opacities work best with different applications, and don’t forget about combination window treatments –  Insolroll Elements® Shades pair perfectly with simple drapery panels. It’s a hot look that high end customers want! Now get out there and keep up the good work!