Printed Window Shades

Insolroll offers digital printing on solar screen and blackout fabric shades for both residential and commercial applications.  Imagine the possibilities to improve corporate identity and use custom graphics in windows on printed roller shades as a design element in commercial applications. Digital printing on shades facing the building exterior is the perfect way for many businesses to replace traditional promotional posters and signage that look unsightly from the inside with a high quality retractable product that still allows view through.


Printed shades for residential applications make ultimate customization possible. Custom print patterns, printed art works, and photographs allow a homeowner to uniquely personalize their space with a one-of-a kind window treatment. More possibilities exist with the practice of printing on opaque blackout fabric on a motorized shade used to conceal a television or unsightly piece of equipment.

Printing can be done on the interior or exterior of the shade.  Replacement shade panels are available for existing shades.

Wide Format Digitally Printed Roller Shades

Insolroll has in-house capability to produce high quality printing on solar screen shades without filling the holes.  Our 98″ UV 4-color printer enables us to produce large shade graphics with ease.

White and light color shade fabrics are recommended to create the most colorful and dramatic effects.

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