Motorized Roller Shades Switched Through iPad, iPod & iPhone

When Apple created the iPad, little did we know that it would re-invent the home automation graphic user interface options. Often lighting controls and home automation controls have been selected by the look and feel of the touch pads which switch the lights and home controls. Now, Apple jumps into the game with a powerful, value packed option for to switch everything in the home.

Many of the home automation and lighting control manufacturers have embraced Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhones as devices to switch their controls. The home automation integrator will program these smart devices to switch window treatments, lighting, security, audio, and other devices throughout your home. Insolroll provides several platforms for connecting motorized roller shades to all brands of home automation and lighting controls.

Recently software writers have come up with Apps for switching Insolroll Radio Motor interface modules.  Motorization of window treatments has also become easier and less expensive with the development of  low voltage (24 volt DC), battery (12 volt DC)  and line voltage (110 volt AC) radio controlled motors.

Controlling window treatments just became a little easier.