Energy-Efficient SilverScreen & EnviroScreen Shades

Energy-Efficient SilverScreen & EnviroScreen Shades


Energy efficient Insolroll SilverScreen Shade
Insolroll shades with SilverScreen™ fabric block the heat and glare





Insolroll®  SilverScreen Shades

Reduce Air conditioning costs with SilverScreen Fabric without sacrificing trade-offs.  SilverScreen represents a breakthrough in the solar screen industry. A fine layer of aluminum adhered to one side of a standard 4% openness screen assures consistent high performance regardless of color.

The performance table tells the story; standard 4% open fabrics in dark colors provide excellent view retention and glare protection, but less than optimal heat reduction. Lighter colors reduce heat effectively, but force a compromise in view clarity and brightness control.

SilverScreen gives the best possible view retention, glare control, and heat reduction.

SilverScreen Performance

Shading Coefficient = Percentage of solar heat gain through a combination of glass and screen. When used on the interior light colors have lower shading coefficients and dark colors have higher shading coefficients. A lower shading coefficient means lower heat gain (better thermal performance).

SilverScreen metalized fabric
SilverScreen metallized fabric

An example of performance for interior use:
(SW 4000 Chalk – Shading Coefficient = .32 = 32% solar heat gain)
(SW 4000 Ebony – Shading Coefficient = .69 = 69% solar heat gain)
(SilverScreen – regardless of color – Shading Coefficient = .25 = 25% solar heat gain)



Performance Comparison

SilverScreen EnviroScreen Performance Data

No Compromise!
















Insolroll® EnviroScreen Shades.

Sustainable solar control: the greener blind.

EnviroScreen is a highly reflective, robust, transparent, metallised fabric, which provides visual and thermal comfort. It is woven in a screen-like construction, but with a clear textile appearance, ideal for roller shades. Thanks to the high reflectivity, EnviroScreen lowers heating- and cooling costs substantially. This results in a reduction of CO2 emissions, and therefore minimises the greenhouse effect.

EnviroScreen is available with a 2% openness factor (OF), and is offered in 4 attractive colors.  EnviroScreen allows a very good view through, suitable for all fenestrations and all elevations.

  • EnviroScreen is the ultimate GREEN roller shade product:
  • Energy efficient highly reflective exterior
  • Formaldehyde and PVC-free
  • The fabrics are produced in compliance with ISO 14001, the international environmental standard.
  • EnviroScreen is Öko-Tex and Greenguard certified and will therefore contribute significantly to obtaining points in green building rating tools such as LEED, Green Star, Breeam etc.

 SilverScreen and EnviroScreen are our best solution for environmentaly-friendly window treatments.

Silver Sweet Spot High Performance Fabric
The Silver Sweet Spot- where you don’t have to choose between color and performance!


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